• Magan

    Any Berries in the Jacksonville, FL area who workout at Bailey's Powerhouse, hit me up! I'm looking for a weight-slinging buddy.:) It gets boring sometimes going alone! k40t1kch1k@gmail.com

  • JudyHun

    #22 that's so cool! grat!

  • Pat

    #6 Pain? That is your body telling you something. Perhaps the creator meant "misery"… or some other word that fits with the comfort/uncomfortable theme, which is appropriate.

    • bombtronbecky

      I have a hip injury that keeps me from running. When I feel pain on walks, I know it's time to stop😦 Running sucks even more, even though I'm totally jealous of everyone that can do it. Pain is bad, misery is good!😛

  • Mark

    it's a graveyard, trust me, i'll be sprinting through it!
    [img ]http://shechive.files.wordpress.com/2012/12/a-daily-motivation-14.jpg?w=500&h=375[/img]

  • Megan

    #15 You look fantastic!

  • Jgirl

    #15 you look great! Definitely my motivation for today!

  • Mother Pus Bucket

    #1 – Could also be the beginning of a horror flick

  • Berry girl

    #1. Zombies?

  • Eisencrest

    #22 – Awesome! Well done!

  • socalmarti

    #22 The look on his face says it all! He smashed it!! This is my motivation for today, Chive on!!!😀

  • bast79

    #15, definitely doing Crossfit. LifeasRx headband

  • steenkcco


    Keep it up!

  • Meeee

    #15 all the way!! Great work! I'm about where you started now. This may actually get me going.

    • Clare

      Agree! I weighed myself this morning & was 146, so ready to be at the after. I'm on day 5 of insanity today & feeling very motivated about it. I completed it a while back & loved the way I felt afterwards, but I had a surgery back in June & it really threw me off the wagon. I'm so ready to get back into shape again now:-)

  • RyGuy

    #15 what's y'r fran time?

  • nicole

    #15 what is your workout plan sista?!?!

  • workout_chick

    Where can I get the pants in #17???? I love them!!

  • MissVega84

    the next day after I am sore all over from working out I say "well, guess I am doing it right" :p thanks Berry for the Motivation to keep on keepin' on

  • doerteee

    #15 :O you look amazing! i need to learn all your secrets!

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