• kirinjirafa


  • Eisencrest

    #14 – Wow, lol… Who thought that was a good idea?

  • CourtneyElise

    I both love and hate the Elf on a Shelf ( #6 ) …that little doll reallllllllly creeps me out sometimes!

  • JessieBelle

    #17 Has horrible hand placement/mysterious stain…. =/

  • Erika

    Thank you for my nightmares tonight.

  • tangeria

    i have been listening to heavy metal christmas music on pandora, which oddly enough ended up being a perfect soundtrack for this post. awesome!

  • Tor

    #8 is terrifying

  • candy

    Its beginning to look a lot like …..murder.

    • Akbaby

      Haha. Good one!

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