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  • Sizzle

    #1 You're fired.


      Agreed. What a crappy employee. SOMEBODY has to do the work you leave behind. I'm sick of being the that SOMEBODY. Efffffffffffffffff you.

      • Kelso

        You know, there are dozens of people like you who have a very small perspective on life. What if she hasn't had a vacation from work in a very long time? What if she is normally the one who picks up the slack. Everyone deserves a day off. Don't think that you're so much better. We all have days we need off, and this might have relieved a lot of stress.

        • DRD

          If you need a day off or a vacation, schedule it. Arrange for someone to cover your responsibilities.

          This post is just immature, which makes me doubt that the author is the one who usually picks up the slack.

          • Trisha

            Not necessarily true. This person could be like my mom; the person who always picks up all the slack, who always does for others and never themselves. Sometimes, people like this, need some spontaneity in their life.

  • Eisencrest

    #7 – Just wait until you work at a place with public washrooms and someone clogs the toilet with a used tampon and you have to clean it up. >:|

  • carm

    #1 – If the men in my office called in sick 3 days, it would be ok… but not the women.

    • foo

      its because of

  • MontanaGirl76

    #8 fuck em! I have a man to do it but enjoy the workout! I understand the feelings though.

  • monica

    #8 omg I feel the same way!

  • justlilolme

    #2 sad, but common to replace addictions. It's just a different way to suppress your emotions and anxiety. I pray she finds a way out of self destruction as a coping mechanism.

  • xoxo

    #1 sounds like someone lives in Los Angeles. When it rains here, I too want to call in sick so I can enjoy the rain.


      Enjoy the rain. Jeeeez… just go to work. come home. go stand in the shower. be a grownup. go to work and stop dumping your work on others. pussies.

      • Kelso

        Hey, be a grown up and articulate your words through something other than obscenities. Unless that is too much for you? You're the reason there's psychological/emotional entropy.

      • Trisha

        I am pretty sure there should be commas through out your word vomit. Also, there is nothing wrong with spontaneity. Life is too darn short to worry about work every day.


    #1 You must have a low-level LAME-O job if you can get away with phoning in sick three days in a row. Lame. FAIL.

    • Kothe

      Sounds like you're pretty familiar with a terrible job. Go play in the rain, it will help you not be so judgmental and crabby.

  • katastrophe89

    Come on #7 do you know nothing? I appreciate your rebelliousness, but those things clog up drains, you really wanna have to fish out a bloody pad from your pipes? =/

  • Carrie

    #3 LOL!! "Your car already knows"

  • Hildred Thornhill

    Everyone deserves a day off. Don't think that you're so much better. We all have days we need off, and this might have relieved a lot of stress.

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