Tis’ the season for Holiday Cocktails (25 photos + recipes)

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  • dollybakerton

    i'd puke if a drank any of these.. im a beer girl …or straight up whisky


      Same here, Jameson, or Tullamore Dew neat.

  • Miki

    Maybe it's where I'm from, but I always called them Jell-O shots not Jelly shots…Am I crazy?

  • April C.

    I have always wanted to try a hot buttered rum, are they any good? It sounds delightful!!! I may have to break from studying for finals to make some!!

    • moho512

      Hot buttered rum is amazing!

  • moho512

    Jeeezzeee #9 I want to get drunk not spend a half hour in the kitchen making drinks…. egg yokes…

    • moho512

      sorry missed the 1 meant #19

  • Dawn

    Just give me some Anchor Christmas Ale or Sam Adams Winter Lager

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