• Miki

    #59 Me when I'm done entertaining ideas I don't like.

  • http://blog.dirtyhotproductions.com/ waltgator

    #21 you my friend, rocketh!

  • Sterling


    • Megan

      Please don't. It looks like she HAD such pretty legs.

  • tkk

    #21 My hero!

    #27 #28 Ryan Higa FTW!!!

    #50 My sentiments EXACTLY.

    #6 Even though this is one hell of a fight, the victory will be worth it! Kick that cancer's ass, girl!

  • moho512

    #27 #37

  • http://www.dilleyinsurance.com/ Evelin Rafferty

    Because one i read those nothing else in the post really matters. Its hard to be happy and look at puppies and food knowing awesome people like her have to suffer.

  • http://www.drguido.com/ Alix Feeney

    Grateful to the author’s share. Interesting things – hope you can pst anthor things for this have a nice day.

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  • Kass

    Can i get a name for #43??

    Holla Holla Hollla!😀

    • mrshelderman

      Adam Freaking Levine!!!!!!

  • lady

    #52 facepalm

  • lovely_lemon

    BFM isnt tacky! #19 has got to go… #Disappointed😦

  • Chelsea

    All the best to you!

  • Dasha

    #6 Thank you so much for sharing! I had tears of happiness (for your survival) while reading your post at the end. Thank you for staying strong!

  • Kristin

    #8 find please.

  • xoxo

    I love #1 and regarding #11, pay attention to your four legged member of the family too

  • Kase

    #13 or, buy bathroom cleaner.

  • in the name of

    am loving #49
    #50 garth that was a haiku
    #55 nope, bitch I'm fabulous

  • Jarrard

    Recently, while I was a student in work, my own sister took my new iphone4 and proven to see if it will survive a real 30 ft . drop, simply just so she can be described as a youtube sensing. My ipad device is now killed and she seems to have 83 perspectives. I know this is definitely totally apart topic even so had to talk about it by way of someone!

  • Carrieanne1919

    #6 You are such an inspiration! Keep up the good fight with that beautiful smile. As for puppies and rainbows…that isn't anyone's reality…sick or not. Thanks for sharing your brave story Kim❤

  • melannie

    #9 i need this card!!!!!!!! seriously! i tried going to a hallmark and i couldnt find it😦

  • Katie

    #21 Looks like something I would do! You're awesome!:)

    #32 I also do this.. haha!

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