Afternoon eye candy: HMOTB of the week: Quinn Walton (22 photos)

Hi everyone! You might recognize Quinn from Hot men of theBERRY the other day. He's a talented guy that knows how to rock a beard. As always, I'll let him take it from here...

I'm a native Texan born in Corpus Christi, raised in San Antonio, college in San Marcos and now have made Austin my home. I've been a musician the vast majority of my life and have taken to writing and singing for sometime now. Currently, I play bass and guitar with Big Ol Band around town as well as work at a zero-waste grocer called in.gredients. I worked in the film industry for many years on films like "The Tree Of Life" and "Predators" and continue to work on various projects whenever needed. I have 10 years of acting training and well over 50 plays under my belt and love to perform when my director friends need something specific. These days I try to keep it relatively simple, I have a beautiful garden in my backyard and love to cook frequently and for as many people who want to eat. I ALWAYS have a project in process, whether it's making camera gear or building additions onto the house, at the moment it's building an electric guitar. I come from some pretty cool cloth, my mom is a hippie surfer girl painter and my dad is very successful in the sign industry with one of the largest signage companies in the nation, so I got a little of both worlds. As you can tell, I'm a little of a chameleon, I've challenged myself to grow every type of facial hair you can have and often change it up, I like to keep people on their toes... I'll go ahead and stop myself before I feel like a complete and total narcissist, but thanks for the interest and the berry love! If you want to know more just let me know, I don't bite... hard...

Facebook: QuinnWaltonMusic
Twitter: @ColorMeQuinn

🙂 Thanks again!


Here’s a taste of his music:

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