• tkk

    #17 Ha! That's hilariously true.
    # 33 so gorgeous.

    Thank you for another awesome Morning Coffee, Berry. You make staying up this late totally worth it!

  • RedNinja


    • Natasha

      I watched this for like ten minutes straight.

  • Jules

    #18 It came out evil.

    • Katie

      This cracked me up!

  • PicklesMcGee

    Ooh #33 is so pretty! I think twinkle lights should be used year round:-)

  • kirah

    who is #29 ??? very nice….good way to start the morning.

    • Jenny

      Darryl Stephens

  • Lisa

    Yummy. May I have some more? #37

  • Abbey

    #15 Taylor Swift is super annoying and her songs sound like a 12 year old wrote them !

  • Alison

    Was just scrolling this not paying too much attention, and then I saw #39 and actually almost yelped out loud.

  • Miki

    #6 Agree! #15…Bahahahahah!

  • cara

    #4 sweet

  • nayala

    #38 awh poor kid…

  • Katie

    #37 My love… ::Swoon::

    • Katie

      Ok.. tried to do a double colon and then write "Swoon" and it gave me an upset face lol!

  • Samantha

    #10 Source please?!? Love it!

  • Rebecca

    #39 AHHH!! GIVE ME!! Holy hot damn.

  • B. Davs

    #24, stared at it for 2 minutes trying to figure out if it's just bad English? Can someone help me here? "STUDENT used Study! It's very effective!"??…. what?!

    • B. Davs

      *super effective sorry, trying to write it from memory.

      • Sasha Grey

        Its from Pokemon's gameboy game. STUDENT is the Pokemon, STUDY is the attack that was used. The game then rates how effective it was on your opponent

        • B. Davs

          thanks I was totally lost

  • Taco

    #8 is awesome! Where can I get one?!

  • CArrie

    LMAO at #13

  • Brittany

    #22 is this a youtube video?? Looks funny

    • BerryGary

      That guy looks like the biggest douche

  • jazzberry

    #3 so funny I gotta try that on my SO

  • Linzee

    Where do i buy 26?

  • Vivi

    Yes please !:)

  • Jade

    #36 oh Come On! This is just too funny to me! lol

  • Stephanie

    where is #27??? please tell me someone!!😀

    • juni

      that's prague.

  • Lisa

    I'd try Etsy!:)

  • CassieWyrick

    #27 Prague!!! My hubby and I were just there! Probably my favorite country we've traveled to:)

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