My Christmas wish list (29 photos)

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  • Mother Pus Bucket

    #5 – Go Dawgs!

  • Fred

    I didn't know you were a Chi-O! ΠΚΑ ❤ 's ΧΩ!

  • Whitney

    This made me miss you more!

    Chi O love and mine,
    your former roomie:)

  • ssoph

    cougar town!!!:) #9

  • TwinCitiesGirl

    #18 is so cute!

  • Sonia

    really unimpressed. not to mention, these posts are getting old because you can't order anything online for christmas anymore.

    • Meghan

      Why are you being such a Debbie Downer! Where is your Christmas Spirit? Lighten up, chick!
      Everyone likes to see what other people want for Christmas. And it isn't too late to order online if you're willing to pay the extra $$ for shipping:)

  • anna

    I have #8, and #25 would look great with them.

  • Lauren

    I don't like any of this stuff:/ just the iTunes gift card.

  • Ronn!e

    #18 #20 #23 please (:

  • Emily

    #2 the greatest show!

  • Alex

    The title at the top of the page freaked me out for a moment javascript:insertSmileyNewThread(":o");

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