My wedding photos! (52 HQ photos)


Hey Berries!
I saw a few requests to put our wedding photos on theBERRY. Brian and I want to thank all of you for your well-wishes and support. We tied the knot at the end of October and are thrilled to be all married and stuff! I plan on posting a few pics from our honeymoon as well so stay tuned...
BERRY love,

Special thanks to my friend, Emma Meyer, for taking these beautiful photos!

  • @KayCCO

    absolutely heartwarming and elegant.

  • i_am_andreeuhh

    Absolutely gorgeous!! So happy for you guys! Looks like it was a ton of fun, which of course, is always expected out of us chivers and chivettes.

  • CassieWyrick

    Great photos!!!

  • BrandiNY

    Ypur photos are stunning. Thanks for sharing such a personal and important part of your life with us. When you check a site daily, you tend to feel like you know the people that run it, but this was truly an insight into your personal side. You are beautiful and it looks like it was a blast. I must say #10 is one of my faves. Way to add personality to the big day.

    • BrandiNY


  • mali_sapun

    Thanks for sharing! Your wedding looked beautiful. Wish you all the best!

  • Catence

    Oh we have been waiting to see these. Congratulations! You look absolutely beautiful!

  • Kelli

    Congrats! I wish you the happiest of ever afters :)

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