• Laura

    Thank you theBERRY for the motivation and inspiration to give myself a birthday present that I need. Legwarmers (it is -5 degrees Celcius here) & a long long run.

  • Bubba

    It´s been snowing on and off for days now and I didn´t run. Last night I decided to go out despite the snow.

    Damn, it was cold!

    Damn, did I feel good!!

  • Dawn Knaebel

    #16 WOOHOO!!! You keep going!!! Looking awesome girl!!! Berry love!!!

    • Krystal


  • Miki

    #19, Santa?

    • AtlChiver

      Speedo Santa run in Midtown Atlanta!

  • RedNinja

    #16 WOW!!! Keep going!!! Never stop. You are such an inspiration!!!

    • Blushy

      Great work, look at that smile on your face! Be proud, you are doing what most wish they could!!!!

  • http://gravitybedamned.blogspot.com Vicky

    #22 – I run with my corgi pup for my 5K training. He's the extra motivation I need to get moving!

  • Erin

    #16 wow!!! As a big girl myself who trying to be active everyday you are an inspiration!!!! Keep us updated! Berry love!!!

  • nsj

    #16 you are awesomesauce! very inspiring!

  • Chrissy

    #16 Keep up the good (and hard!) work! you're doing great!:)

  • Jen

    #16 Great work, keep it up! And keep The Berry updated with your ongoing success! Super motivating, THANK YOU! xxx

    • Eisencrest

      This! Post again in the new year with more pics! c:

  • Eisencrest

    Hehe, imagining a little Corgi running right now.

  • Amy

    #19 It's the Santa Speedo Run in my hometown Annapolis, Maryland !!:)

    • AtlChiver

      Look closer, that is Atlanta, GA. They are running west on Peachtree Place just after making a left off Peachtree Street.

  • Andrea

    #16 you're doing AMAZING! Keep up the awesome work, push through the soreness! Totally worth it 💪👍😄

  • socalmarti

    #16 You are beyond awesome, keep up the great work!!!!

  • Crystal

    #16 way to go!!! Keep it up you are looking awesome! Look at that progress!!

  • ShaHiROHara

    #16 GET IT GURL! YOU are my total inspiration…Seriously I am going right to the gym after work because of you! Keep kicking ass and keep us updated! !

    • friedapaula

      I was thinking the exact same thing! Gym here I come!

  • breezy

    Chicka chicka yeahh!! #16 sooooo awesome!

  • lani_berry

    #16 Get it, mama! You're doing a wonderful thing!!!

  • carly__keller@hotmail.com

    #16 Great job!!! Keep up all the hard work:)

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