Gifts for the girl who likes to drink (27 photos)

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  • Melina

    These would've been perfect for me last christmas! This year I'm only interested in onesies and breast pumps.

    • socalmarti

      I'm trying to drink less just for my health in general, I'm kind of over cocktail hour!

  • Laura

    I need everything.

  • pear


  • ssoph

    #20 is fancy!

  • lace

    #18 a real drinker would never need these

    • Penny

      I was about to comment, who doesn't finish a bottle of beer?

    • Amanda

      True but… My dad & I just did our first at home beer kit and these would be RAD!

  • Callie Seoul

    I would literally be in GIFT heaven if I got most of these. Send to my bf??? CHECK!

  • @ginger5010982

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