• Tyler Rauch

    #1 boobs easy fix – world peace not so much , #4 can i get that switched backwards?

  • furdurp

    #29 Yes yes yes

  • MegIntheMitten

    #1 and #9 are hilarious!

  • socalmarti

    #15 #16 #17

  • Lauren

    #21.. So want!

  • mel

    #14 Yep!

  • ThigWife

    #17 is so hilarious
    #6 I want all of them

  • Isla

    Does anyone know where I can find #6? I am in love:)

  • CanadianChivette

    #1 – girls with small boobs, take it from a DDD, big boobies are overrated, and extremely annoying.

    #4 – why you not in my closet?!? This girl needs a New Years kiss!

  • caitlinmdunford

    where can you buy #4??

  • ssoph

    #26 how did you make this even dots???

  • red

    what's #17 from?

    • Penny

      the tv show version of 10 things I hate about you

  • Lindsay

    Photo #19 is ME! At our wedding this summer!

  • Randie

    I know the feet in #19.

    Nice choice!

    Oh and the cupcake shirt.. Love!

  • Mel

    Source for these? I love and must have. I know there is links to similar ones but they are nowhere near as cute.

  • Diana

    Love #18 and woyld love to have a pair or two or three! Where can I get these?!

  • Kristina

    #26-they are Kate spade nail decals! Aren't they adorable?

  • Erin

    Love #2
    Again, a fail on the link. seriously, does whoever do the links actually look at the picture? there is not tulle in the picture.

  • Heather

    #18 link me please! I need these on my feet!

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