• PeyKonzloas
  • FL_Chivette

    FYI – #6 link to [SOURCE] doesn't work.

    • lalexgeorge

      Fixed. Thanks.

  • Ari

    #4 Has anybody tried this? I am of normal weight and I run regularly but of course I have damn cellulite plaguing the back of my thighs. I have sort of given up on it but this sounds like a cheap trick to try…

    • Jenny

      You should also try other things than just running, weight training to create firmer muscles will probably help.

    • thespiral

      I'm the same way as you – I'm thin and active, but still have some cellulite. This technique does work very well. I would also recommend cutting down sodium in the diet, eating healthy and drinking lots of water, and weight training (especially squats, lunges and deadlifts.) You need the foundation of health to really start burning cellulite. Then I dry brush every day for 10-15 minutes, concentrating on my thighs, and massage in cellulite cream (the two best ones I've used are Clarins Total Body Lift and Nivea Q10 Good-bye Cellulite.) It takes effort and discipline, but it really works! My cellulite has almost disappeared.

    • manami

      please don't try this if you have weak skin/tissue. you get stretch marks instead…. it's horrible…πŸ˜₯

  • Ari214

    I do weight training as well. Probably not as much as I should but I my point was that I'm not a couch potato that sits there and lives off fast food yet wanted a quick fix for my problem!:) Thank you for the info!!!! I think I will definitely try it. Happy Friday!

  • manami

    #4 you get stretch marks instead…. i would not recommend the dry brushing if you have weak skin/tissue!!

  • Boopa

    #5 i have never really been into makeup/ doing my hair nice/ wear something other than jeans, a tee shirt, a hoody and flat shoes/ things girls tend to do… a couple of years ago I branched out from my old self and started to make an effort, but only really for parties/ job interviews etc and the one thing I cannot get my head around is my eyebrows… I have very dark brown (probably black) eyebrows and they are so thick! I had no idea that you can get them lightened, is that at a beauty salon or a hairdresser? i use bleach on my (*ahem!*) mustache and the top of my eyebrows as the hair almost joins with the hair on my head! I've tried using eyeshadow on the eyebrows but they seem to stand out even more and god knows what my natural shape is… going to do some research on these products in the UK, if they don't cost much I'll give this a go… although I'm bound to fail at itπŸ˜›

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