Afternoon eye candy: HMOTB: Military Edition! (71 photos)

As always, we want to thank you for your service! You are truly HMOTB and we love all your photos so keep 'em coming. Click SUBMIT to send your pic!
BERRY love,
Emily, Megan, Alex & Monique
p.s. Keep your eyes peeled in DaMo, MC, and BB for your pics.

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  • MontanaGirl76

    Good lord…..God Bless the USA! So much hottness I may melt!

  • @resullins

    #70 I can haz? Please? I've been a VERY good girl all year!

  • Leslie

    FIND #43!!

  • Nicole

    #39 #41 and #67 moooaarrrr:)

    • #39

      Thanks Nicole, appreciate it…maybe just for you…

  • Ana_S


  • TwinCitiesGirl

    Very happy about all the AF love =)

  • kseniya

    #2 #13 #39 are sooooooo sexy MOAR!!!!!!! #35 i love the dog and your face LOVE these overall

  • Ayla Michelle

    MOAR of #39! MMMMM Going to Japan too shortly. Hope Ill see #13 there.

    • craigg

      I'm in Atsugi if you can find me😉

      • Nicole

        Atsugi! I was holding out hope you were in Yokosuka… But you are not too far away.

        • craigg

          Darn, im on the 73. guess ill see you on cruise

          • Nicole

            Hopefully we will run into each other!!

  • Randee

    Please find MOAR of #35!!!

  • socalmarti

    #37 #38 and #43 All very handsome! Thank You for keeping us safe and my military fantasies happy!!!😀

  • Carina

    #40 & #70 are particularly delicious…

    • A Y

      Well thank you Carina. I appreciate the kudos. That pic was right before I trimmed my beard and cut a good majority of my hair off. Was starting to get a little too hot. Take care.


      • Carina

        What can I say? I love a man with a beard😉
        All the best

        • A Y

          Appreciate it, glad I can still look halfway good when I'm a bit furry over there. Take care.

          • kccoMN

            A Y how bout an after pic of the hair trim? Please:)

            • A Y

              I have a couple of photos with my hair trimmed up. Don't know how I can post them in this forum though. I don't think they allow pics to be posted, other than the ones up top. If they do, I have no idea how to do it and would take some helpful advice.

              • Carina

                Just send it in and I'm sure they will post it:)

                • A Y

                  Done and done. Now just see if they post it.

  • TheTamara

    thank you, stud muffins for all of your service!!! for those overseas, return back to us safe and sound!❤ berry love!!

  • A Dub

    #7 MOARRRR

  • LIz

    Where are all these men and why haven't I ran into any of them:-)

  • Chelsea

    #39 can i have please!! omg.

    • Hunter

      Never been so flattered…

    • #39

      Do you live near wisconsin lol

      • chelsea

        Nope but Oh how I wish!😦 Louisiana girl here.

        • #39

          Well darn! Gotta love those southern girls! thank you for the comment though!

          • chelsea

            Facebook me I love making new friends! Chelsea LeAnn Lachney! And your very welcome sir!

  • Girl

    #25 and #26 oh my god

  • pinkgeek

    #10 #13 and #16 ——MOAR!!!! and thank you for what you do❤ Love, a Canadian Chivette!

  • Beedee10

    This post made my day!!!
    I want to see #29 face please!😀

    • MaraRue

      My man, My love, My Dick❤

  • dkellyb

    #66 'nuff said.

  • Julie

    #25, please bring your tank and yourself to my back yard.
    #35, love, love, love the man, the dog.

  • Ashley

    I love the military addition!!! Go America! Now make me a military wife! #40 and #41 especially:)

    • A Y

      Well, I appreciate the accolades Ms. Ashley, but you don't want to be a military wife. Too much stress to be concerned about. Ha, just kidding. However, thanks again for the compliment, it is definitely well received. I'm glad that I can still look decent when I'm at my grungiest downrange.

      – #40

      • Smash026

        Ohhh I think a hard working, handsome young man would be well worth the stress:) Haha. And definitely keep that grunge…it's working for ya!

        • A Y

          Well Ash, young? Ha, definitely appreciate that comment. And I'm just joking about military relationships. They do work. The grunge only lasts for a few months for me. Don't like it though. Gets a little to scratchy/irritating after awhile.

  • Kales

    #25 I'd give him something to work on😉

  • Laura W

    Am I the only one who finds #25 super sexy?!😉

  • Erika

    #40 If this guy would come say hi to me I would probably faint GOD BLESS Merica!

    • A Y

      Hola, and definitely God Bless 'Murica. If you really want to feel some American pride. Type in 'American Soldier Plays Star Spangled Banner'. One of my good buddies plays it while we were over there earlier this year. This pic was taken last year right before I trimmed up my beard and cut my hair. Started to get a little too hot during the Spring season. Take care Ms. Erika.

      – # 40

  • reagan

    #7 soo sexy!

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