• Bobby

    Strong body, weak mind. Guys, stop acting like 15 year old girls. You're embarrassing yourselves. Dudes should not take self-pics in the mirror. It looks desperate. Nut up! Have some dignity. Keep your shirt on. The ladies will still be able to see strong shoulders.

    • Addie

      Bobby, calm down it's eye candy for me a on Friday and I enjoy it. Head back over to the chive for Hump Day or FBP or Burn Bras and bash on them, lol.

      • MHLMberry

        Hahahahaa Addie you are amazing!! Best come back EVER!

  • Agree to Disagree

    Eh, personally I agree with Bobby… I just wish more people would tell the Chivettes bolstering their egos by begging for "fap" and "moar" comments the same thing.

    • Addie

      But that's what these websites are for? To send in yourself and the hard work and progress you put in to look great and have people, thousands you don't know, acknowledge that. I mean you could always just stop coming, because they're not going to stop posting. I agree though, I have seen some over zealous chivettes on Twitter, but hey there's always going to be those few. Have a great day! KCCO!

      • Agree to Disagree

        Yes, agreed on that! The Berry's Motivation is definitely about posting "I worked hard and dammit I'm proud of myself" pics! Nonetheless, I still hope those co-eds submitting extremely personal pictures of themselves with captions like "am I Chive-worthy?" and "I hope I'm good enough to close out the hump dar" will eventually learn that there is more to worthiness than having many strangers masturbate to you.

    • tiborpickens

      there is always that guy (female/male) who needs attention to be validated. Just don't be "that guy".

  • Patty

    love peanut butter, tried it on a salad the other day. mix greens (spinach and red leaf or whatever you want), celery, chickpeas, raisins, with some melted (microwave a tablespoon for 15 seconds or until runny) peanut butter. it is sooooo unbelievably great and a fantastic option for salad.

    • socalmarti

      I have to agree with you both, when I first started chiving and berrying, the level of competitive nakedness was not this bad, it's getting to the point where I'm getting scared to wear my chive shirts out in public because I'm scared guys will think I'm slutty. But at the same time the Berry girls are still keeeping it classy……..soooo

  • Sarah

    Everyone arguing over the the dude with his shirt off. Patty says fuck it, lets talk about peanut butter (:

  • The Dallas Chivette

    Such an awesome Daily Motivation today. It goes down as one of my favs:)

  • Mary

    #11 I'll take the rice, cauliflower tastes like something I would scrape off my running shoe after 5 miles in the woods:)

  • Richard S

    #8 Way to go Addie on making the Daily Motivation!

  • Whitney

    Wellllllll I think it was GREAT!!!! let's not forget this is all for FUN!! I love it! Go #16!!!

  • Anonymous

    #6 & #22 = sweet jesus!

  • MissVega84

    I❤ the DM

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