• The Dallas Chivette

    #23 True Story

  • superkrunch

    In order to be embarrassed, I have to give a sh*t what other people think AND I have to obessess about it enough to remember if I briefly did.

    The last time in recent memory was 4th grade when my wrap around skirt fell off during recess.
    I'm 43, so that's a pretty good run!!

  • EmJay

    #32 I was forced to buy 2 large boxes of condoms for a friend who had just gotten a gf. Going through self checkout the till crashed twice, causing a lil old lady to come fix it the first time, then an attractive guy the second time. When I finally paid for the damn things & was making my way out, I beeped at the doors. When having my bag checked, the bag broke & condoms went everywhere. Needless to say, he still owes me big time.

  • sanjchee

    #24 and #38 made me laugh so hard.. thx for that:)

  • zillyzallie

    I met up with a newish friend and his buddy for lunch. Since I was meeting someone new, and my relationship with the person I did know was still in a budding phase, I was a bit nervous. As soon as I sat down at the table, I started playing with a packet of mayonnaise that had been left over from their lunch. And I kneaded it and squished it and TWISTED it until it EXPLODED…all over the front of my shirt and my FACE. So I had to frantically try to clean the white goo off of myself as these two guys just stared in awkward silence.

  • Jessi

    #32 In middle school, I was sitting in the audience during a spelling bee between my best friend and boyfriend at the time. I began to cough, and not wanting to disturb the spellers, I got up and got a drink of water. I came back feeling better, but then 5 minutes later, I coughed so hard I threw up…all over myself. I also apparently got some on the friend and boyfriend. And because it was during a public affair, pretty much everyone in the auditorium noticed.

  • http://twitter.com/novajellyfish @novajellyfish

    #16 More Jenna, please!!!

  • Jody

    #32 The first time I ever went without undies I was wearing a flowy skirt. I walked up to an atm machine and started taking some cash out. A dang giant blast of wind sent the back of my skirt up to the back of my head leaving my back end completely exposed. I quickly pulled my skirt down hoping that no one was behind me. I turned around to go back to my car and a big burly biker man looked me straight in the eye and said…. Thank God for the wind!. I could have died.

  • Ashleynb68

    #32 in Home Ec in middle school my teacher showed us a film on eating disorders that was particularly graphic. It was also my last class before lunch. Between the graphic images and low blood sugar I started feeling light headed. I walked to the teachers desk to ask to use the bathroom and she asked me if it was "too much". I didn't get the chance to answer; I passed out, did a lovely ballerina twirl and smacked my face on the corner of her desk (breaking it) then faceplated, breaking several of my braces. The teacher called for backup and I was wheeled out of the classroom by the principal while barfing in a wastebin. Just as he wheeled me out, the film said "anorexics will often pass out." I was followed to the bathroom at lunch by at least three nosy classmates for months.

    • Thing1

      I had something similar happen to me. The principal and some teachers at my small school kept asking if I was eating enough for months after. I LOVE food, I'm just athletically built and can't stand hearing people talking about blood (totally fine seeing it, just not talking lol) and it just happened to be D.A.R.E day at my school and my first class was the one about AIDS. And as i tried (and failed) to make it to the bathroom I passed out and hit the door of the room across the hall that had a cop lecturing about drugs in it…

  • Thing1

    #32 Last Christmas I was at my mother in laws Christmas brunch with all her family and my dad's family and she asked me to go tell everyone that they could start serving themselves. So I walked in and nicely told everyone they could start "servicing" themselves. I was really tired and didn't even realize what I had said until later while I was trying to figure out why one of the ladies had burst out laughing and everyone else had just sat there for a minute. I turn red every time I think about it, plus I'm one of those people who gets embarrassed pretty easily anyways. And I have to go back to that Christmas brunch this year :S

  • Amanduh

    Highlarious…I literally laughed out loud.

  • baylee

    #21- she is just too cute!

    • matt

      Thats my daughter… My wife told me this is the second time she's been on this site. She is my lil monkey princess.

  • TwinCitiesGirl

    #5 Is true haha =)

  • dailin

    #22 lmfao clever

  • inkstained

    #23 and #29 yes please.

  • madamecursorla

    #32 As we walked back to class, I puked my guts out in front of my entire 6th grade class, which included this guy I really liked. I then had to do this terrible walk of shame as i re-entered the classroom for my things to go home while everyone stopped what they were doing to stare at me until I left the room.

  • Surfaz

    The comments are fantastic today!!

  • freshmeat

    #32 My first science class as a a college freshman I noticed people sitting outside and I assumed it was for another class so I boldly walked into the classroom only to interrupt the science class scheduled before. I got about a foot in the doorway when the professor asked if he could help me and the entire class burst out laughing. Walking out I heard the professor mutter ‘freshmen’. After enduring the stares from the departing class and my current class I never showed up early for a class again.

  • MontanaGirl76

    My best friend and I went to Jackson Hole Wyoming for a girls snowboarding weekend. When she flew in she'd met this really hot guy who we met up with the next day with him and his equally hot man friends. After our first run we decides to go to the very top on the tram. It's was virtual whiteout up there. We got seperated from the boys. Needless to say I had to pee really bad so due to whiteout circumstances, being seperated from the men and having about 2 miles of snowboarding left. I chose to go off trail to pee….oh yeah I'm that girl. Went to a small stand of trees stripped the snow pants an multiple layers off. Squared down and the snow gave way sending me to my bare butt on the snow but also into a tree well. So flailing, half naked, peeing on myself from laughing so hard and my best friend laughing equally hard. The men showed up and rescued me! I was embarrassed, wet & cold, pride hurt and I couldn't look at the guys at all. We will never forget that weekend!
    PS….take snowboard off to pee in the future!

  • Jennifer

    #32 I was in Spanish my junior year of high school, & we just took this REALLY easy test. Well the "douche bag/class clown" was trying to get the substitute teacher to tell us how we did. The sub. said we all got 100s except for one, & douchebag was trying to get the sub to tell us who it was going, "OMG that test was soo easy you HAVE to tell us" & "what an idiot" Well needless to say, the teacher called MY NAME! The whole class started laughing.

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