• Candy

    #7…I know. I'm a waitress at a retirement home. Most of these people have diabetes or heart problems, and they'll order large portions of salty/greasy foods or ask for two desserts. I TRY not to judge, but I cant help but think "You REALLY dont need extra bacon on that."

    That being said, sometimes I have really crappy days and I dont want to think about how many calories are in my coffee. Some days, I just want a milkshake AND a doughnut. Some days, I just dont give a fuck.

    • knaimoli

      Wow, that's really crappy of both of you. I work in a bakery, and am glad when I get paid because people are buying things.

      • Lolo

        When the people in the retirement home order greasy and salty things with heart problems i'd probably think the same thing.. i'm sure she thinks it because she worries for their health, not just to judge to be mean.. Cause i know i'd be worried also!

        • Kirsti

          They are old and probably dgaf! Eat whatever you want old people of the world!!

      • mrshelderman

        Yeah I couldn't believe that. And I know I may get in trouble for this, but her name is Candy? lol

  • Sade

    #4 Affairs don't shock me anymore. Seems like no one is faithful. =/

    • HeartUnderTheRose

      And those of us who are are never given the chance to prove that. Sad that I know people who'd rather be with someone who will screw other people while with them than with someone who would only share physical intimacy with them, just because that person isn't their idea of perfect.

    • Liz Lemon

      Which is really sad. I knew a great couple but the girl had been cheated on twice and even though her boyfriend (who became her fiance) was loyal, loving and treated her like a princess, she never trusted him. The nicer he was to her, the more she thought he was cheating and being nice to cover his butt. He got sick of her accusing him of cheating on her all the time and broke up with her but she's STILL convinced that he WAS cheating and used her accusing him as an excuse. He's currently married to a great girl and she's still single… she's letting one jerk she dated ruin all her new relationships, but she blames the guys.

      • Sade

        That's sad!😦

      • socalmarti

        That might be me….😦

      • Boopa

        i used to do that… and still do to a certain extent… i just don't believe that after all the crap i've been through with men/ life in general that i deserve true happiness, it's too suspicious and i don't even trust myself… problem is I know that's the wrong attitude to have but I can't get out of that mindset…😦

  • MrsBuck

    #3 I agree. It's gotten ridiculous.

    • xoxo

      Me too me too!! We've gone overboard. People go out of their way to be offended these days.

      • leah

        especially asians

  • justme

    #3 could not agree more. it's ridiculous.

  • Mother Pus Bucket

    #6 – Art Vandelay?

    • hope1323

      Thank you for the smile this morning!

      • Kirsti

        Hahahaha!!!! Love it.

    • the internet

      Art vandelay was an importer / exporter not an architect… but still funny

  • Liz Lemon

    #9 I can't say that I blame them… granted, I'd be creeped out doing it in a cemetery, LOL.

    • DRD

      That's what makes it exciting.

  • carm

    #7 sounds like an absolute delight to be around…. NOT. I hope everyone you judge for eating whatever they want.. are judging you for working at a bakery.

  • socalmarti

    #2 and #9 good for you!!!!

  • PicklesMcGee

    Meh. #2 is a bit self righteous IMO. Not everyone needs to read classic literature.. sometimes crappy easy reads are entertaining.

    • Kirsti

      Agreed!! Terrible writing, but very entertaining. Let people live their own stories, not yours!

      • DRD

        I guess no one considered that they're just sick & tired of seeing & hearing about it?

    • Cassie

      She didn't say classic literature. I think she was just referring to anything that wasn't bordering on the theft of intellectual property.

      • PicklesMcGee

        Yeah no, I still think shes being a snooty little biotch :-p:-) To each his own.

        • Cassie

          Well….that escalated quickly.

  • Amber

    Maybe if we had more of this there would be less marital problems. Good for you!

  • dailin

    #5 same here!

  • MontanaGirl76

    I am beyond over political correctness. You can't be honest without "being insensitive".

  • Puddin

    #7 Judge yourself. Fat people can lose weight-ugly is forever. If you're ugly on the inside, you're ugly all around & guess what…….I'm NOT sorry.

    Total: judgmental bitch!

  • Wisti

    #8 I avoid starbucks etc now because I HAVE to order 'light' and feel like people must think I'm such a snobby bitch.

    • Jazzi

      Wait. What? You're snobby because you order a coffee drink lite? I've never heard of this before. I always order my drinks with skim and no sugary stuff.

  • teeHee

    I think it's obvious that #7 feels guilty or they wouldn't be doing this as a secret so why rip her a new one? The whole reason I came to The Berry is because it was one of the few sites where readers didn't bash each other. It's cruel to call someone a judgemental bitch when you're judging too! That said I will limit my Berry exposure now.
    Bravo to #3, #5, #9

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