Shirtless friday (29 photos)


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  • BridgetEGraham

    Find everyone in #1, #5, #12, top right in #13, #17, #19 and #26. Sorry I'm asking for so much, but seriously, they all need to be under my christmas tree.

  • Jen

    Mmmmm 15 <3

  • Monica

    #6 for the win! He is so sexy, no trimming nessecary.

  • KamiGabrielle

    Did I ever really love before #21??? Doubt it…

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    […] Yes, what we really need this Friday is a big plate of nipples with a side of dick bush – The Berry  […]

  • seabeedoll

    #9, #11, & #22

    i want, need, desire, ask, plead, beg, and politely ask for MOAR!

  • mel

    #21 o o o lala

  • HeartUnderTheRose

    Some people are saying #4 is Jensen Ackles, but I'm not sure. The front of the car is different than the one on the show (it looks like this:… and I currently can find no verification that it is indeed him. Would be awesome if it were though, even though I am a Sam girl.

  • rocklesson86

    #21 #28 just make feel like a dam slut. Can I please please get down on my knees and suck. I have been a very good girl this year. I think my birthday present came a 10 days early.

  • ATLChivette

    #12 Please bite me. Please be a vampire.

    #26 For the love of bacon need moarrrr. Those eyes and shoulders.

  • Jessica R

    Wowza. I just want to climb on top of that car and #4! #5 is definitely my favorite here though. You sir, just made my morning :)

  • Halley

    #20 Marry Me… <3 <3 <3

  • Balorati

    #6 and #15
    Love the hair and bush! So sexy to see something a little more natural…not to mention that smile. :D

  • Leslie

    Hubba Hubba #6!!!!!

  • Catalina

    #20 Ahh refreshing.

  • stuscott

    #6,#3,#10,#19,#20<#28 – these are my favourites this week in this order. Not the strongestb lineup, but hot nonetheless and they will definitely do as Xmas treats.



  • Melodie

    #17 Mmmmmmm.. Want mor

  • Citywithlove

    #20 lots like he's got a funny nipple. Just saying. Oh and yum!! :)

  • EmJay

    Anyone else end up here after the Bieber post? Sweet Jesus, glad I cleansed ;)

    • skye

      I wanted to puke after seeing Justin shirtless.this was refreshing

  • Chaapai

    All gorgeous. Not a lot of racial diversity tho. More black and Latino men please

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