• http://twitter.com/Jo_Jo_Baby1216 @Jo_Jo_Baby1216

    Dear holy lord is all I've got to say…. *drool*

  • The Dallas Chivette

    Very sexy….

  • Tay

    #26, 9 y 18 MOAR PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

    • Bleu

      Oh yes please!

    • nicki

      agreed! we neeeeed MOOAAAARR!

  • http://shellzmarie.blogspot.com/ Shelley

    #6 is legit disgusting, Y U NO TRIM!?

    • Redblooded Woman

      I find it WIDLY sexy!
      To each his own! Not all of us (men or women), like to be smooth like little kids! (THAT, is unnatural and dusgusting!)

      • http://shellzmarie.blogspot.com/ Shelley

        I said trim, not bare…it's totally out of control!

        • Curly85

          Shelley, I had the same thoughts. I don't wanna give head to bigfoot!

          • http://shellzmarie.blogspot.com/ Shelley

            My thoughts exactly…

      • Vicky

        I am gonna agree with you. I think that is hella sexy right there.

    • Rose

      Aww, I wouldn't say disgusting, look at that sexy body/face! His man bush is a bit unruly though, too much for my taste!

    • Rickie

      OMG I so agree!!!! I almost gagged when I seen that amazon poking up out of his shorts. SHAVE IT!!!

    • Keith

      I think it's hot, too.

  • Yeah

    My favourite part of shirtless Friday is picking out the pics that are obviously intended to be spank material for gay dudes. I'm looking at you #21 Sorry girls.

    • Michelle

      Do not google image search at work! Learned that one once already.

    • Kel

      As a gay guy, I'd say you're right about 21, but gay man or straight woman, I think any of these pics work for us.

    • linsey

      i agree with Kel. it doesn't matter if its meant for gay dudes or straight women.. we both like dudes, and as a straight lady, i'd stare at #21 all effing day😛

  • Eric

    Hottest one love the hair. Can you do a body hair post?

    • Eric

      #6 that is

      • Chrissy

        me too:)

  • mazzie

    #4 where do I find this hood ornament?

    • sanjchee

      LOL if you find out let us know..😉

    • Krisvold

      Watch Supernatural, as it's apparently Jensen Ackles. Just notice the car, it's the Impala.

      • hws0612

        I don't know if it's him or not (I thought the same thing when I saw the car) but regardless, I'm going to think it's him😉

  • just saying

    i will take them all, please.

  • Chrissy

    #3 WANT!

  • Valerie

    Thank you berry!!!
    This just made my day a whole lot better!!!!!!

  • danielle

    I love Friday's so so much:)

  • Wet and Craving

    Thank you Berry for the pics, now I will go take my fantasy out on the hubby.

  • Sabrina

    I think #12 is my favourite.:)

  • Mia

    #11 let me help you with that…

  • Castiel

    Does anybody know who #7 is?

    • Rose

      Delicious, that's who he is!

      • Castiel

        Haha! I'll agree. I've seen his picture on here before, but I haven't been able to find a name.

  • socalmarti

    All I want for Christmas is to #6 like #11!!!:)

  • Tina

    My husband thanks you!

  • xoxo

    #6 while I love the chest hair, you might consider a bit of trimming the tree. 😉

    • Samantha Kristal

      Yeah no kidding, like, hair is fine, I dig it, but lets keep it cleaner down there shall we? haha! Just a little trimming will do.

  • xoxo

    I'm loving the fact that the majority are not covered in tattoos. Some of us like inkless guys, so thanks.

  • alexis

    damn i know want i for Christmas #11 #2 #15#5 #14 #26

  • baylee

    #12, #14- damn. they are delicious. also, #18 and #19 are derek theler. he gets my vote for christian grey. so HOT.

  • Rose

    Look at #4 waiting to be ravished! I love me a man that will let me take control every once in a while!

  • Rose

    #28 I see your penis!

    • Samanthalin88

      I noticed the outline as well. Made me giggle like an immature child. Hahaha.

  • jesca84

    #4 yes please , man and car

  • https://www.facebook.com/kseniya.whateveryouwantittobe kseniya

    i can look at #13 and #26 AAALLLLLLLLL day long

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