• MNExpat

    My best friend (a fellow Berry) and I are lacing up and off to do our first 5k- the St. Pete Color Run. Daily Motivation has helped us through the rough patches!!

  • nicki

    ^^^^Good luck MNExpat!!! oh, and #12…you're awesome!!

  • Wisti

    #22 you'd be hot except for the gauges…that instantly means less (or no real) plans on succeeding in life.
    #6 looks absolutely delicious though a.a I'm so hungry😥

    • bombtronbecky

      Wow, judgmental much? Gauges don't mean anything of the sort! Maybe you've just met ones that don't, but, there are TONS of successful people out there who've gauged their ears.

      • Beckypeacetron

        No wisti is right. Gauges are mommy/daddy didn't love me enough charms. 99% aren't contributing meaningful value to society. Lot like democrats.

        • BridgetEGraham

          Don't make up statistics that are obviously far from the truth and very biased. "99% aren't contributing meaningful value to society." That's very silly. Everyone, stop judging and appreciate individual aesthetic choices whether or not you'd approve of them on yourself or a significant other. Hard work and determination makes people successful, not their body jewellery or lack thereof.

      • Theyredouches


        • JoeQPublic

          Don't be such assholes!!! This site is for nonjudging people who want an environment to come look at awesome photos and be supportive of a fellow semi-underground community members. If he wants gauges, let him have them in peice, he has tattoos and you weren't a jerk about those… This problem where society assumes that people with body mods or body art are failures or not productive is STUPID and an illegitimate claim. I know just as many if not more people without body mods that are doing less… So "beckypeacetron" and "wisti" maybe you should educate yourself about society before you bash someone online.

          • Hallie



  • Suggie

    # True but also very, very dangerous to broadcast.
    Some people have very ill brains; or severe depression; or other types of illnesses which need medication and which no amount of running can fix.
    There's a big enough stigma attached to mental illnesses that we don't need to make people feel lazy too.
    That said, all form of moderate exercise is good for for physical and mental heath.

    • Kallie

      Just scrolled down to say the same thing, but you said it better.

    • Suggie


  • Alexis


    Supa finneeeeee😉

  • tay

    #14 why get your carpet all sweaty and smelly?

  • Terri

    #4 You shouldn't advertise such incorrect yoga poses. Never place your foot on your knee! Place it on your inner thigh, or calf. But never on your knee. That can lead to serious damage!

  • http://twitter.com/phammy @phammy

    recipe to #3 please!

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