• Sammie

    My god… Thank god I'm going to the gym this Morning!

  • baylee

    #7, #9, #14, #16, #24- look soooo delicious. and sinful. but mostly delicious.

  • Europe

    I love this site. But you Americans are crazy!

  • Castiel

    I would have loved to know what the calorie count in each of them were. I bet it would have been ridiculously high, especially #7, #17, #22 or #23.

  • xoxo

    After having way too much food and goodies delievered to our office in the last two weeks, I'm so fooded out. All of this looks so gross. Except: #24

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  • arcaydia

    i dont get the american wavy crinklecut fries.. they are always soggy!

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