• BerryKT

    #9 haha

  • Kris

    #60 has super effective cammo.

  • Lauren

    #59… totally something I'd do.

    • Meghan

      My friend Brad likes to trap bugs by putting tape over them , lol

  • Des

    #4 reminds me of the great gatsby

  • baylee

    #28 – i think this is a lot cuter in theory than it would be in practice…

    • trish

      So doing this & I'll let you know how it goes : )

      It would have made my day and so maybe it will make someone else's.

  • Phil

    #30 I WANT:) and to #35 KCCO! Going through similar situation with my wife for years now, times get rough, but hang in there, the good days are totally worth it!

    • Madi

      Go on Thinkgeek.com to get the USS Enterprise pizza cutter.

  • Mia

    #46 love that song(;

    • Chris

      This is not something any guy would want to hear girls. Just sayin…..

  • Rachel :)

    #15 total mind fuck! :O

  • Phoebe

    #56 Made me laugh abit too much!

  • KaytotheE

    That's fantastic!

  • verdant_waves

    #8: wow. #9 is pretty funny


    #38 You're Gonna Love My Nuts!

  • Miki

    #37 Yesssssssssss!!!!!!

    • Tori

      who is this….it's killing me. i know him!

      • Chris


  • socalmarti

    #28 Made me smile so big!

  • Kelsey

    #4 immediately made me think of “The Great Gatsby.”

  • Lindsey

    #35 Carrie, I'm 17 and had a liver transplant a year ago (in fact, I spent Christmas in the hospital). But I can tell you're a strong woman and I hope you start feeling better and have a wonderful holiday season!

  • Danielle

    #54 is so clever!! I’m definitely doing this for my holiday treat boxes:)

    • torontobackgroundgirl

      Totally LOVE that idea.

  • http://twitter.com/selizabeth24 @selizabeth24

    #1 reminds me of that temple in the Legend of Zelda (The Windwaker), and #43 is absolutely gorgeous

  • aria

    #39 klaus aka joseph morgan❤

  • JessieBelle

    Where can I get #38 ?

  • celkali

    #48 Holy shit, Dave Foley?

  • katastrophe89

    #38 so cute.

  • TVanipulate

    #35 Luv 2 U.

  • Cynburghleah

    #35 – Stay strong Carrie!

  • Ashley

    #18 That is really stinkin' cute.

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