Sunday brunch (60 photos)


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  • BerryKT

    #9 haha

  • Kris

    #60 has super effective cammo.

  • Lauren

    #59… totally something I'd do.

    • Meghan

      My friend Brad likes to trap bugs by putting tape over them , lol

  • Des

    #4 reminds me of the great gatsby

  • baylee

    #28 – i think this is a lot cuter in theory than it would be in practice…

    • trish

      So doing this & I'll let you know how it goes : )

      It would have made my day and so maybe it will make someone else's.

  • Phil

    #30 I WANT :) and to #35 KCCO! Going through similar situation with my wife for years now, times get rough, but hang in there, the good days are totally worth it!

    • Madi

      Go on to get the USS Enterprise pizza cutter.

  • Mia

    #46 love that song(;

    • Chris

      This is not something any guy would want to hear girls. Just sayin…..

  • Rachel :)

    #15 total mind fuck! :O

  • Phoebe

    #56 Made me laugh abit too much!

  • KaytotheE

    That's fantastic!

  • verdant_waves

    #8: wow. #9 is pretty funny


    #38 You're Gonna Love My Nuts!

  • Miki

    #37 Yesssssssssss!!!!!!

    • Tori

      who is this….it's killing me. i know him!

      • Chris


  • socalmarti

    #28 Made me smile so big!

  • Kelsey

    #4 immediately made me think of “The Great Gatsby.”

  • Lindsey

    #35 Carrie, I'm 17 and had a liver transplant a year ago (in fact, I spent Christmas in the hospital). But I can tell you're a strong woman and I hope you start feeling better and have a wonderful holiday season!

  • Danielle

    #54 is so clever!! I’m definitely doing this for my holiday treat boxes :)

    • torontobackgroundgirl

      Totally LOVE that idea.

  • @selizabeth24

    #1 reminds me of that temple in the Legend of Zelda (The Windwaker), and #43 is absolutely gorgeous

  • aria

    #39 klaus aka joseph morgan <3

  • JessieBelle

    Where can I get #38 ?

  • celkali

    #48 Holy shit, Dave Foley?

  • katastrophe89

    #38 so cute.

  • TVanipulate

    #35 Luv 2 U.

  • Cynburghleah

    #35 – Stay strong Carrie!

  • Ashley

    #18 That is really stinkin' cute.

  • Victoria

    you can just put a bow on him and leave him under my tree

    • Justin

      lol why thank you :) gift wrapped as well?

  • xoxo

    #53, good job! #22 go Squirt! #44 AGREE! #59 just grab a tissue, quickly swipe up the bug/spider and toss into the toilet. Why so much drama for a bug?

  • Carrie

    Thanks again for all the love and Happy Holidays to you all as well!! <3

  • kateann_11

    #7 & #8 You mix my two favorite things!!! Cuties and football!!!!

    You are in my prayers daily and hope that you are gaining strength everyday!!!! Stay strong and always remember to KEEP CALM AND CHIVE ON!!!!
    Much love,
    An Avid Berry!!!

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