• Leyana

    #39. *wipes tears*

    • Chris

      America, why do you hate yourself so much, that you kill your own children?

      • hollywood22

        America didn't kill these children, one man did.

  • caroline

    #3 and #39 Precious

  • Beth

    Does #37 have two right hands?D

    • Wisti

      Not if she's playing the violin correctly.

      • Beth

        Oh I see it now. Looked funky for a sec there.

  • Mikaela

    #27 Do your feet look like Victoria Beckham's? :S

  • Sade

    #39 All these beautiful kids…😦 RIP

  • VC98

    #39 God bless and rest their souls

  • marny

    You guts put up Trever Hall!!

    That man is above human species.:)

    That just totally made my day. Thanks Berry Girls.

    • marny

      I meant you guys… not you guts… Geesh!:)

    • Tenika

      #23, I was so happy to see this! Love me some Trevor Hall.

  • Meghan

    #39 Hurts everytime I see a picture or an article about these precious children and their hero teachers..
    so sad and hurtful, it's disgusting. I am forever going to feel pain for their families that have to go without their loved ones right before Christmas…. I keep thinking about the parents that already bought their presents for their little ones…. ugh. RIP.

  • svp

    #5 how do you get a 6 pack on your back????

    • lace

      …by doing pull-ups

  • Erika

    #39 LOVE you angels…

  • Sammy

    #20 In the exact same boat this year lol
    #39 It's one thing to read and hear about this tragedy, it brought tears to my eyes to see the faces of the children that were lost. God bless them and their families.

  • Kelly

    I just wanted to say "Thank You" for posting #39 and for the outpouring of love and support the world has shown Newtown. I am proud to say I was born and raised in Newtown, my family still lives there, and although I am 3000 miles away now my heart and soul remains at home. God bless those little angels. #NewtownProud

  • Amber

    Words can't even begin to express my horror of this tragedy. My heart aches for these lil ones, all the staff, all of the families, and everyone who has been touched in one way or another by this cruel and disgusting act. If anyone from Newton is reading this just remember you are not alone! Will be praying and sending positive energy your way.

  • socalmarti

    #39 Dear God bless us all and keep us safe and please keep the survivors extra close. Our Father…..

  • LaurenGoMeow

    #39 God Bless all those beautiful lil faces and their families, sending prayers out your way,

  • Jen

    #39 In the wake of a horrible tragedy, thank you Berry for making it ok to smile again.

  • Canuckbacon

    #33 you are friendzoned yes? Or you'd be all over that sweet piece of man cake goodness!! Oh the things I would do to him!

    • Wisti

      looks like a doucebag -_-

  • Mrs. Elba

    #25 Please please please Mr. Santi-Claus, can i please have him under my tree (or in my bed) Xmas morning? i promise to never ever ever ask for anything again!

  • katastrophe89

    #4 = physically impossible

  • yummyjulie

    #33 – YUM:)

  • Paddy

    This is so sad!! It's about time America reformed its gun laws!! In no way should these weapons be so easily available! I'm an Aussie chiver, we don't have six relaxed gun laws and we don't have the issues as America has there.
    Rip lil ones, and my thoughts to the families😦

  • sanjchee

    #3 made me drool.. oh how i love hockey players!! especially when they are doing a sweet thing like this.. i need a minute to compose myself:)

  • Hepburn3

    Idris is so FINE!:)

  • Emily

    #33 FIND HIM. i would love for him to friendzone the shit out of me.

    • Deelja

      It's not a bad place to be lol

  • Alice

    #33, Too bad I am so not hot enough for that!

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