HMOTB + Mirrors. Thoughts? (39 photos)


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  • Jessica Stacy

    I'm single and finally to the point where I'm over it. These posts make me want to get back out there. #36 HOLLA! hahaha

  • baylee

    #15 is amazing! haha and i love love #35's tattoo. well done.

    • #35

      Thank you Baylee, it's probably my favorite

  • Kelsey

    a bunch of sexy men today :)

  • Jessica

    #35 Love it.

    • #35

      Thanks Jess!

  • Chels

    #30 is amazing! Love his smile

  • Kat

    Here are my thoughts on HMOTB + mirrors; its like the male equivalent of the duckface, even if the guy is cute/hot, to me he still looks like a douche, end of story.

    • Jen

      how else are they supposed to send sexy pics? this confuses me.

  • Danika

    as soon as every other man looking for themselves in this post saw #15, they knew they were outdone, bravo sir

  • MeepMeep

    #26 #37 I gotta get me a goofy guy

  • Kirstie

    #6 is pretty sexy

  • Kass

    #4 #30 #33 #35
    Can all have their way with mee <3 :D

    • #35

      Well…how close are you to wisconsin….

  • skyfireCO

    #37 definite fav.. but #11 I'll keep you too :)

  • Renee

    thank you #35 for makin me smile on this cold winter day u r soooo yummy!!!!!

    • #35

      Awe thanks Renee! To bad you're not near Wisconsin

      • Renee

        Your so welcome! By the way I'm just down in Illinois;)!!

        • #35

          Oh really…do you have a facebook? ha ha

          • Renee

            Lol no I don't have facebook sorry! But if you wana see I'm sure we can work something eles out!!

            • #35

              Ha ha well what are you thinking?

  • rocklesson86

    Some of these are nice.

  • yummyjulie

    #1 – wave :)

    #2 – so cute!!

    So many good ones today – even all the 'faceless' posts :)

  • Ayla Michelle

    #15 So Handsome! Love Love Love it!

  • shelby

    #35 I Think i just fell in love!! haha

    • #35

      Awe, thanks ha ha!

  • Nuna BizNess

    If that is the kind of narcaissist douchebags you want- you deserve the heart break headed your way.

  • kseniya

    #11, #30 are very very niceee

  • Rachel :)

    #26 does it for me ;)

  • Halley

    wellll helloooooo #37 handsome and silly

  • anonymous

    hey i like it! raise the par a bit tho…

  • Akbaby

    I love it! Super sexy/cute.
    I do not see anything wrong with mirror shots! We do it so why can't guys? Plus these men are on fire! Why complain about hot shirtless men?! :)

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