• Erika

    #27 I would say: love is all around you. .

  • Lola

    where can I buy these? #19 #20

  • Christa

    # 38
    Every Girls Dream Tree!!❤

  • Jillian

    #31 Emma keep smiling and stay strong! ♥

  • Chester

    #6 Not to be that guy (about to be that guy), but if the parenthetical note refers to Jerry Maguire, it is incorrect.

    • Ari214

      You mean it should be this: "Jerry, did you know the human head weiths 8 pounds?" :)

    • Lisa

      IS IT REALLY?!?!?! Holy bejesus, he turned out fiiiiiiiiine.

  • Steph

    #21 Oh Dear Lord!

  • mrshelderman

    #27 I would say, There is someone out there right now who smiles just thinking of you. Whether you know it or not.

  • Alexandra

    keep it up beautiful girl! you are amazing!!❤

  • verdant_waves

    #31 Keep calm and kick that cancer's butt!

  • ktleigh

    #21 I think we have some spillage down there….

  • PicklesMcGee

    #39. I'll be right there😉

  • emi

    #34 i would have put the melted ice cream on his car…. Teach him a lesson. =D

    • http://twitter.com/MikeFarrell87 @MikeFarrell87

      Or have him cited by the management or towed. Appealing to someone's moral instincts only works when the person's moral.

      • emi


    • UgetArazzie

      What a moron. Writing all that crap because of melted ice cream. Get a life. LOSER

  • Lori

    GO EMMA! We'll keep sending you good thoughts and prayers…you keep kicking cancer's butt!

  • Maggie

    Keep going Emma – you can do it!

  • Mrs. Harrison Ford

    #31 KCCO, cutie!

  • Cait

    #31 stay strong little one. you're a beautiful girl. keep smiling!

  • Mommy2

    Go Emma! Keep fighting, girl! You rock!

  • Rachel

    #39 holy tom daley oh my gawd.

  • Chelsee

    Emma, you make my heart smile. what a courageous and beautiful little girl you are. sending boat loads of love and prayer your way sweetheart!

  • Susan

    What to do #17

    What not to do #18

  • Tomb_Raider

    #31 what a beautiful girl! Stay strong!

  • lani_berry

    #34 I would have dumped the ice cream on the car.:-) Muahahaha!

  • Ryan

    Yay Emma! Stay Strong sweet girl:) I am a childhood leukemia survivor, 20 years now. Lots of Love and Prayers!

  • ssoph

    emma stay strong! #31

  • D.J.

    #10 I'm starving!!

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