• alternativeinterest

    Aside from pointy shoulders and harem pants, I don't think any of these are THAT bad… Jeez.

    • Ije

      Also most of them have gone out of style before and just come back. Platforms, crop tops and neon are like phoenixes they die and are reborn in their own ashes awaiting the next flood of repetitive fashion trends .

  • Karen

    Disagree with peplums, to a certain degree. Although they can be worn badly.

    • Jenny

      Wasn't there a whole fashion post about peplums at one point?

    • Rebecca

      I thing Peplums are great! They give you a waist and hide any embarrassing belly fat.

    • Karen

      Let me be clear, I was disagreeing with peplums being included as a worst trend.

  • Sonia

    LOVE THIS! agree with all of them!

    • Alyse

      Lol you probably got no style gurrrrrl

    • katastrophe89

      Wow you must have atrocious style if you think all of these are horrible

  • buttercup78

    Thank you! I hate all of these…except the thick eyebrows because I have those.

    • verdant_waves

      Nothing wrong with thick eyebrows. There is definitely a difference between thick eyebrows and thick eyebrows that are all wild and ungroomed, though. I think #5 has nice, natural looking brows. Way better than the 90's trend of plucking them to a teeny tiny line.

      • Katie

        Come on.. you know she'd be prettier if the main focus of her face wasn't her super thick eyebrows!

  • misschris

    #4 I think that dress is really cute – especially on someone cute & quirky like Katy Perry
    #5 I hate to use this phrase, but "Oh no you didn't!" I think her eyebrows are fantastic

    • katastrophe89

      I love her eyebrows too! Are they trying to say having natural full eyebrows is ugly? Cuz if so that's fine I'm never gonna pencil mine in!

  • Audrey

    Awww. I like the floppy hats and wide leg pants when worn right.

  • Stephanie

    I really like wide legged pants… it's like.. bellbottoms. which are awesome…. >.>

  • Sarah

    I don't agree with:

    #4 – I like all the crazy colors, so sue me… What's my favorite color? All of 'em!
    #5 – I like the idea of celebrities having SOMETHING real on them. If it's their eyebrows, good for them. Plus, Lily Collins is gorgeous and her eyebrows are perfect.
    #9 – If done correctly. It hardly ever is, but on some people, it looks good.

  • xoxo

    #13 skinny jeans in general, esp on someone bigger than a size 2 or a male. Thick thighed girls shouldn't wear skinny jeans, it makes our hips look even bigger.

    • Vicky

      "Thick thighed girls shouldn't wear skinny jeans, it makes our hips look even bigger."

      Yeah. No. I'm a size 16, and I'll wear skinny jeans all I want. they're great for tucking into boots, under longer shirts, or even in place of leggings. Size doesn't dictate what we can and can't wear as long as it is the *right* size.

      • skeptis

        I'm a size 16 too and love skinny jeans and leggings! I used to believe I should hide my shape and that leggings were 'not allowed' for larger girls. I'm so glad I got over that. I have every right to wear whatever the fuck I want.

    • knaimoli

      Actually skinny jeans are awesome on girls above a size 2. I love my hips and thighs; real girls have curves.

    • Katie

      I totally agree with you! Just because it comes in a bigger size doesn't mean you should actually wear it! I'm a thick thighed girl and I've got a donk.. you won't see me wearing skinny jeans!

    • LawbyLiz

      i think size has nothing to do with, rather your body shape. You might be a size 12 and totally proportional so the skinny jeans look fine.

    • skeptis

      Haha I'm a size 16 and I wear skinny jeans and leggings galore. DEAL WITH IT.

  • xoxo

    #1 and lets add in Kelly Osbourne's purple/grey hair.

  • Jess

    I don't like the dress in #16, but I actually love peplum! I think it's so cute and can be very flattering. Agree with a lot of these, though:)

  • vicky

    disagree with this post

  • Krystal

    Aww, I like #3 and #11😦

  • mrshelderman

    Yeah I am ok with #2, #7, and #16. Actually I am ok with most of these. Except the half shaved head. That freaks me out.

  • jess

    disagree with most of this.
    and… i'm pretty sure the Berry was supporting/ posting/ encouraging most of these things while they were happening.

    • dkellyb

      That's exactly the dumbest thing about this whole post, if you ask me…
      I have also been told neons will be even bigger this summer (yay), so I guess they will change their minds about it again?

    • anna

      They totally had enthusiastic posts on several of these. Whaaaa happened, Berry?

      • Ginga


  • Stella

    I feel like there were only a couple actual "bad" trends in here, and then the rest were pulled from a hat and randomly thrown in to make it a bigger post.

  • zillyzallie

    I thought #8 was just going to say "Nicky Minaj," like her whole entity is one of the worst fashion trends of the year. Alas, it did not.

    • Becki

      Me too!! She's as useless as tits on a bull.

      • hayley

        racist bitch

    • bonnie

      I think she is a terrible example of beauty for the black community. I am asian. If she were asian, I would actually hate her for this.

      • Tila

        I agree. Her style and especially her hair emanate the Western ideal of beauty, which is lighter skin, straight, typically blonde hair, thinner noses and large eyes. She uses make-up and wigs to hide her more traditionally black features.

        Up until recently, I've always been ashamed of my curly hair and my traditionally black features. Every time I look through a magazine, all the models have long, wavy hair, thin noses, large eyes. Any black model has had her hair processed to look nothing like how it is naturally, and there are always articles on how to make your hair straight and silky. And the black celebrities who are most revered in this culture tend to be light skinned or wear their hair either processed, under wigs, with weaves, etc.

        This is not Nicki Minaj's responsibility to represent the black community, but she is part of a larger problem which is that traditionally black features are not viewed as beautiful in our society.

      • hayley

        and I am not speaking of her beauty. I am not a fan of plastic surgery. I thought she was way prettier before. But that's the way our culture is, sadly. They value shallow, plastic looks.

      • AgentTP

        way to turn this topic on something completely unrelated to serve yourself. go away.

  • Natalia

    Gladiator shoes.. They were everywhere this year and probably the one thing I disliked the most about this year's fashion trend

    • katastrophe89

      Really? Gladiator shoes are the ONE thing in fashion this year that drove you crazy?

  • EmJay

    Sad life! I love neons😦

  • fgbsgb

    I literally wear 90% of these…. for a site that has threads such as "post secret" I am a little disappointed. Way to deflate the ole self esteem just when I thought I was becoming fashionable…. Dammit

  • hollywood22

    As someone with a successful career in fashion, I think you guys pretty much missed every single mark. These were the TRENDS of 2012.

    Although when I got to the Nicki Minaj picture, I thought the caption should have read "Nicki Minaj"

    • Liz Lemon

      Just because someone deemed them 'trends' doesn't mean they look good. Most of these are more on the 'whatever floats your boat' end of things, but some of these are just plain old 'ew'.

  • Christie

    #8 can we just say anything nicki wears belongs on this list?

    • katastrophe89

      Agreed. I understand dressing all crazy to be outrageous and stand out but she just looks stupid and like she's trying too hard.

  • socalmarti

    I actually love all of this stuff except #1 and #8, somehow I think people that take stuff that far are just being a little absurd.

  • hayley

    i hate all this hate for nicki minaj. she's creative, a talented rapper, a talented singer, and a dedicated performer. there's no need for all this hate. she's making huge strides for females in the hip hop community and i'm proud of her. i feel like if she was white, there'd be less hate directed at her (ala katy perry or lady gaga)

    • Anna

      Really? If she was white? Maybe if she wasn't completely disgusting. You ever heard her song Freaky Girl? That's not creative, it's awful. I could care less how she dresses but to say she's making huge strides for women is degrading and embarrassing. There is nothing to be even remotely proud of when it comes to her music. At the most I may get a good laugh every now and then cause it's THAT BAD.

      • bonnie

        She sings terrible music partly because that's what sells. but i do think that she is talented.
        Have you heard her rap before she got famous? it's on youtube and she is actually really talented…
        I don't know who is going to sound like true artist singing crap songs with crap lyrics and bass

      • hayley

        YES if she was white. Katy Perry can shoot whipped cream out of her fucking tits and Lady Gaga can wear next to nothing, yet neither get remotely attacked for that. AT LEAST SHE IS CREATIVE. And so she can rap about sex? That's a bad thing? She owns her sexuality. Way to be a huuuuge feminist, Anna. Plus why is she so adored by critics and awards? She must be doing something right. This really shows what value your judgement has. Sad. I feel bad for you,

      • AgentSP

        you prude little thing, go have some fun, girl!

  • Taylor

    Almost 90% of these styles are just fine and I've seen on the Berry. Poorly thought out Berry post…. not my favorite but I still love ya.

    • katastrophe89

      Yeah I agree they've shown ALL of these styles before

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