Worst fashion trends of 2012 (16 photos)

  • Katie

    A-freaking-men to ALL of these trends!! Consider me boring, but I am so much more of a classic style kind of girl!

  • WTF

    #14 thank you! Those high wasted pants/shorts are hideous

  • Jamie

    WOW. Who made this list? You kinda suck. Some of these are STILL really hot trends. I think you meant to say this:

    Gray hair on people who aren't old enough to have it. Patterned leggings on people who have no business wearing patterns to draw attention to their already elephant-sized thighs. Head-to-toe NEON. A giant, thick eyebrow or eyebrows that connect to your hairline. Crop tops on people without flat stomachs. Big floppy hats on Vanessa Hudgens. THOSE platform boots on Nicki Minaj. Halfsies hair on posers. Rompers covered in leopard print. Wide leg pants on wide people. CHEAP looking gladiator sandals…nah, you were right about the gladiator sandals. High-waisted shorts on people with gunts and cellulite. And peplums…now you’re just 100% wrong about that one. Peplums are classic.

  • Lindsey

    I think you girls are REALLY off on this one.

  • Hepburn3

    I think that the grey hair worked on some people quite well, but not all trends and styles are for everyone.
    And Gladiator sandals that look like the ones you posted…. well yes they are straight up fugly.
    Everything else you listed I pretty much concur.


  • maggie

    i disagree with a majority of these

  • Beatrice

    Harsh!! Most of them are things that all of you guys probably own and that are featured in fashion posts here, on theberry!

  • Anna

    Oh no! Don't be trendy! Or have pretty thick eyebrows! That"s awful. Whatev…

  • Alex

    How are having thick eyebrows a bad trend? It's something people are born with…
    I feel like the bad trend is having barely there eyebrows. Those are just creepy

  • Kristin

    Its like,a 90's flashback.. And i dont follow trends exclusively but im sure most of the girls i know havent worn every 'trend' listed.. Except the sandals.

  • Dyanasaur

    #2 #6 #8 #9 #11 #12, AGREED! But besides that, this list was wayyyyyyyy off!!

  • Lex

    #14 Really?! High waisted shorts are ridiculously cute when worn on the right body type.

  • Pearl

    Wtf? Berry, you literally posted an album 4 months ago devoted to neons. I'm confused.

  • Alex

    #14 High waisted shorts are sexy…

  • Ash

    Way to be judgemental twats Berry. I'm so disappointed in you guys. You've encouraged over half of these and now you want to put people down for it? Hypocrites.

  • MHLMberry

    I agree with it all!!! People's fashion choices scare me! Lol

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  • katastrophe89

    Oh come on! Printed leggings? Headbands? Gladiator sandals?! A lot of these are great, you just found bad examples

  • anonymous

    I have never agreed with 100% of any list before – until today.

  • KatieOKCCO

    ummm… this post made me feel like my closet needs to be torched to the ground. Disagree with this post.

  • Ediepeeds

    Not all of these were bad. #2 not everyone could wear them, but with the right pieces they are cute #4 Not all neons are bad #7 floppy hats are a good thing and protect your face from the sun's harmful rays #11 wide leg pants are great for thos of us that have thicker thys

  • Caroline

    #12 …. for men, socks with sandals or loafers never go out of fashion. Check the bloke behind the girls !

  • Anastasia

    Hey! I love neons and my eyebrows are thick! But, yeah, fuck rompers, harem pants, and high waisted shorts. Those were/are all ugly.

  • http://twitter.com/vickieAM @vickieAM

    I disagree with most of these. There are far worse trends.

  • k8♥

    Wow, I knew they weren't fashionistas, but judging by this post, the Berry girls really don't get fashion!! Gladiator sandals, platforms [not clown shoes, as pictured], grey/pastel hair, peplums, neon, color blocking, thick eyebrows, and patterned leggings are ALL still going strong with the hottest designers!!

    I have a feeling these girls go to the GAP and buy whatever the mannequin is wearing. This and the HMOTB douche-bag mirror posts are making me re-think my Berry addiction.

  • Rachel :)

    #2 Patterned leggings are pretty cool if you are quirky enough to wear them.

  • Lisette

    Well I do like most of these and not think anything bad of them but my one fashion trend that I just don't get is Uggs with short shorts? Really WTS (white trash style) all the way..

  • UgetArazzie

    #11 big fart to her.

  • Mikaela

    What's wrong with these clothes? What matters is how you wear them. Goths and punks have shaved one side of their head for ages, now Rihanna does it and everyone wants it, but obviously not everyone can pull it off.
    Nicki Minaj I get, she's just into crazy looks for attention, but the rest are gorgeous depending on how you combine them and your confidence! High waisted shorts and other clothes from the 90s are awesome to show off curves – and it's awesome for us fans of 90s tv shows! ;)

  • septis

    I naturally have thick eyebrows and I used to pluck the shiat out of them. Now I pluck just enough to shape them and I'm so much happier with them now. Love thick eyebrows!

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