• heatherrr

    Seriously? Huh.

  • mrshelderman

    If you haven't seen Everything is Illuminated. You should. It's an amazing movie. He's great in it.

  • http://jhawkgal.blogspot.com Mallory

    #3 – I have always had a massive crush on him. Thanks, berry!:)

    • Lauren

      Me too! Love those baby blues.

  • lace

    to small

    • ale

      but, but… he is a Hobbit!…

      anyway, amazing eyes!

    • sarah

      Too not to. Unless of course you're traveling to small.

  • B.elle

    Definitely one of the very first hot geeks of the new millennium!❤ #23

  • rocklesson86

    I want his head phones #28. He is fucking hot.

  • GushingHeap

    #20 the eyes have it
    No Kevin from Sin City, that was one of his awesome roles ever!

  • Sonia

    Yes, Thanks, Berry! I've had a crush on him since Lord of the Rings. And admittedly, on all the hobbits, but mostly him because look at those gorgeous ice blue eyes!

  • Jerz

    Wow. I thought that was a joke.

  • kate

    so hot!!

  • Red


  • sammoden

    My trainer/co-worker looks just like him but with chocolate brown colored eyes. So cute. When he goes missing I assume my co-worker is going to Mordor.

  • KCCO in YYC

    Really…? Are we running out of options for HMOTB's? ewww… he's so girlish and unmanly

  • sarah

    i adore him and have adored him since huck finn and north. all you all can go love your juice heads, give me this nerdy hotty anytime. brains over brawn thank you!

  • Ain

    Ever since Green Street Hooligans I'm soooo in love with him!😀

  • Emily

    He still looks 12😛 Lol.

  • sanjchee

    yum, yum:) thanks berry!

  • NCchivette

    he's like a less attractive toby maguire.

  • http://theandreaproject.tumblr.com Andrea

    #26 UNF

  • alex

    What a frigging cutie! (:: -those eyes! My goodness!😀 hes right up there with Matthew grey gumblur! (;❤ thanks berry!!

  • Chaapai

    I want to explore every inch of his naked body.

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