• Svea

    Love #14 ! Think I'll make it 😀

  • mrshelderman

    In the words of Liz Lemon ""Nope, hipster nonsense, I'm out."

  • Too mainstream

    OK, I'll do it. #21 "I'm a dreamer". Is there something else going on in that text?

    • notfornothing1

      i'd say its probably just a weird font, unless if maybe…. "we just don't get it" hah

    • josh

      It's a new language from space…you've probably never heard of it

    • Citywithlove

      Phajaah!! This is currently my background. O.o

  • Sonia

    #8 my old phone would beg to differ.
    #18 beautiful

  • xoxo

    #13 sad truth to our modern society

  • haha XD


    please dont let that exist


  • GushingHeap

    #1 Wrong don't think about limitations and don't undestimate others as well.
    #18 I want to believe in unicorns because #21 see.

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