Lots of famous BABIES were born this year (21 photos)

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  • Mai

    Aww all the babies!!!

  • Ari214

    Man, drugs these days must make giving birth seem like a party. #8 looks super fresh and relaxed!

  • exactly.

    #12 is definitely that man's baby. He looks like a tiny baby version of him, and he doesn't even look a week old.

  • Lorna

    What about Uma Thurman's baby girl? How could you forget Rosalind Arusha Arkadina Altalune Florence Thurman-Busson?!

    • exactly.

      No to everything about that name. She should've picked three or four of those and stuck with it.

      • Caroline

        or had one baby for each name …lol !

  • Mandy

    Yes so true ^

  • Rachel :)

    #4 Cutest family ever❤

    • UgetArazzie


    • sizzle

      You spelled "trashiest" wrong.

  • Ann

    Meaghan Fox and Brian Austin Green… Just to name one that's missing lol

  • http://www.AlistZ.net AlistZ

    Ha Ha. Even the guy from D-Listed is copying my Schtick about you….a sh*tload of white babies….Ha. ha. The White Folks News!

  • UgetArazzie

    I didnt know that Blue Ivy Carter was white?

    • Meghan

      ?? Seriously? Babies don't just come out black, lol they need to "gain" their color I guess you could say. My baby cousins are black and they both came out white. It takes a while for them to get their color.

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  • MeH

    Is it just me or are people having too many babies?? Enough is enough! It won't be cute when we are fighting each other for basic resources!

  • Rachel

    i understand these are celebrities and all, but some of the names i just don't understand. where do they come up with some of them?!

  • LGG

    honestly, I don't know half the parents either…
    who's #1 though? she's so beaming:)

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