omg #25 is simply stunningly beautiful

  • Nannette

    #22 suggest going to see the other pictures they are incredible

    • CanadianChivette

      ^^ truth!! Do it!!

  • Sophie

    #7 IS THE BEST, made me LOL at work!

  • dreagee

    #7 made me laugh:)

  • ssoph

    #18 why is the one bridesmaid wearing red nailpolish like the bride?
    #25 aaaahhh…❤

    • Lalala

      Maybe she's the maid of honor?

      • ssoph

        ah…ok :) thanks for the info

  • chivettebecky

    #22 OH EM GEE. Gorgeous!

  • B.elle

    GORGEOUS post and #7 made me laugh! But… did anybody else notice that there's an I missing in the title?

  • random

    Why can't we just repeat the wedding like every year just to be able to wear such beautiful dresses more often than once?

  • Sarah

    Amaaaaazing. More info on this dress?????

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