Afternoon eye candy: Hot men of theBERRY! (67 photos)

Hi all!
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BERRY love and Merry Christmas!
Emily, Megan, Alex & Monique
p.s. HMOTB + Mirrors is worth a look.

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  • staci

    By god. I think I love this post… But my favorites are 44 and 67. Keep it up:)

  • Annonymous

    Happy Friday to ME! ;D Well done, gentlemen.

  • mazzie

    #19 I think this guy checks the berry more often than I any of us women do.

    • Teddy Roxspin

      Hahaha, I thought the same thing!

    • TylerG_76

      Of course I do, theBERRY's a wonderful website and the staff have been so good to me. :) Here's why:

      BTW, I wish I could dress up that often, it was only for a Christmas party last week. 😉

    • Jesse

      He looks very un-american with no christian value, so i agree with mazzie! I bet he voted for Obama!!!

      • TylerG_76

        Thanks a lot for your observation, Captain Obvious! I never called one that since 2005, but now's the occasion since I am not American and I don't follow Christianity.
        I do respect your values, but that doesn't mean I have to earn yours.

      • Alex

        Real curious, how in the world would you get that he has no Christian Values, he is un-american and that he voted for Obama from a couple pictures? More more thing, who cares?

    • heatherrr

      He's adorable.😉

  • Kales

    Was thinking about doing the Spartan Run next year. Thank you #67 for making that decision MUCH easier!

    • Jen

      yea, he is HOT!

  • CDNchivette

    #22 now turn around… #44 I think I'm in love with you

  • Tonya

    # 50 way to kick the big C's ass. you look delicious!

  • Tonya

    #50 way to kick the big C's ass. you look delicious!

  • @resullins

    #30 It's me, right? Pretty please let it be me.
    I would take #44 as a consolation prize.

  • Zuza

    #11 Dzięki!:)

    • Marcin

      Nie ma sprawy😀 szykuj sie na wiecej, to wyslalem pol roku temu [x nastepne dedykuje Tobie😀 obserwuj uwaznie d: btw skad jestes? <:

      • Zuza

        Z Torunia , a Ty?:) ha! Trzymam za słowo😉

        • Marcin

          Wwa (; znaczy dedykuje Tobie slownie teraz d: bo juz fotki polecialy do Berry

  • baylee

    i'd love to see more of #7, #18, and #48.

    • @kolby182

      I heard 7 is a red head. Ewwwww.

      • Anna

        oooo I'll take ONE guess as to who he is

    • debbie

      All you ladies who want to see more on # 18 your should read this and let me know what you think now.


      • Jen

        oh wow…hope that isnt true.

  • Kate

    Oh my god. #13 Marry me.

  • bridgebarn

    #7 i want to see yo face.
    #44 and #67 should totally be my xmas present:)

    • Anon

      #7 is @kolby182 on twitter. he's fantastic, nice and every bit as awesome as you are imagining him.

      sorry for whoring out your twitter, kolby.

      a fellow ginger

  • Leah

    #34 #44 #67 MOAR!

  • Kristen

    Hello #67 can I come play in the mud with you?!
    #44 oh my! I just love Fridays!

  • chivettebecky

    #14 #45 ohhh myyy. great job today, ladies!

  • KatieOKCCO

    #34 I think your tractor's sexy. MOAR?

  • Shanna


    He is very berry worthy! Hope all goes well!!!

  • stef

    #30 is a lucky lady
    #34 moar please, i love a sexy farmer!

  • Heather

    #18, #59, #65. I know #18 and there should definitely see more of him. #59 Is hot and creative. I would totally love to see more of him too and #65 can just come in my bed😛

  • PicklesMcGee

    Ooh so many hot men I don't know where to begin! But I must say, if I knew I'd be hooking up #3 I'd def be motivated to workout😉 hee

  • Yeah No

    safety's off there stud.

  • T.M.

    #15 and #37 MOAR please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • djami

    #7 is my favorite :-))
    even if he is a ginger – definitely would!

    • @kolby182

      Haha yes!

      • @Katie_Lady23

        gingers are my weakness!:)

  • kccoMN

    So much creativity going on in these picks! Thank you chivers!

  • JenCam

    I have a serious crush on #6!

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