And the best celeb Instagrams go to… (26 photos)

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  • Candles

    #21 Not interested in anything Chris Brown related…

    • Rusty

      Hear hear. V.disappointed The Berry would post anything to do with him.

      • xoxo

        Strongly agree.

    • steph

      in the original post from buzzfeed (best AND WORST celebrity instagrams), chris brown's was dubbed "douchiest". makes a lot more sense…

  • max

    straight ripoff from buzzfeed. embarassing

    • ScottishYankee

      And I'm sure if you go to ANY other photo sharing site, you'll see pics from theBerry & theChive

    • Ami

      I was definitely going to say the same thing.

    • steph

      i love the berry, but max is absolutely right. of course sites like these will overlap in material, but if you take a look at the buzzfeed post, you'll see that this post is flat out plagiarized. the only work that was done for this post was some picture cropping. at least cite the original post and give the person who took the time to actually collect these pictures and assign superlatives some credit. very disappointed.

  • socalmarti

    #22 She is so awesome!

  • xoxo

    #15 unless The Berry is full of 10yos, can we please not post stuff about this little boy anymore. He's so annoying.

    • CDNchivette

      He doesnt look like a little boy anymore if you ask me!! Not complaining

    • Nikki

      Disagree. Post more. Please and thanks.

  • CDNchivette

    I'm actually so incredibly disappointed in theBerry for honoring Chris Brown. Really unimpressed. #21

    • kait

      Clearly Rihanna is over it..
      He is talented and made a mistake.. Its done and over with..

  • Sophie

    #15 had me super excited! I have the same top as his bottom right picture. Future shopping buddy for this girl!

  • kateann_11

    #5 and #18 Ryan is adorable and how can you not LOVE LC!!!

  • Rachel :)

    Why post this idiot of a douchebag?

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  • UgetArazzie

    #21 LOL the upper left pic is HILARIOUS…. and NOT in a good way.

  • lulu

    #20 does anyone else notice anything wrong with this picture?

    • sydney

      Bwahaha!!! YES!!!!! The 2 pictures on the right! Well played berry! Well Played!

  • LGG

    totally thought #14 was katy perry…

    chris brown, drake (and maybe even usher) – fail.

  • Puddin

    #17 sick to death of this waste of skin.

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