• Chipsnhow

    #2 wow

  • Liz Lemon

    #8 I actually read an article recently where professors and bosses see right through this "trick". Apparently, a lot of people do this to give the impression that they work very late into the night but most of the profs and bosses said they'd rather see that you can use your time during the work hours and day time more efficiently. Staying up all night or until the really early hours make them believe that you're going to be tired during the day or that you don't use your time wisely.

    Just a thought on this one.

    • DRD

      Rather, email them at 6 AM.

  • Sade

    #4:) At some point, I hope we can all do this.

    • KCCO

      Your comment made me smile BIG, thanks.

      Merry Christmas Berries!

  • MontanaGirl76

    #5 hahaha……then you realize it's a chick on the bike and your embarrassed huh!

    I have seen that look from women who see me on the motorcycle and then at the moment they realize I'm a woman and not a man. The look of oopsie on their face is priceless!

  • Chubby

    #2 Imagine you ARE that person who they describe here. Life will never be the same.

  • Lisa Martin

    #3 Three years ago, I weighed 45 more pounds than I do now. What I notice is that women treat me differently. I was actually called a "Skinny bitch" by a woman at McDonalds. I was so EXCITED!!! I was FINALLY the skinny bitch!!!! :) {sigh that she was cranky though} Many men are attracted to me like bees. But they usually want one thing.

    I decided that I want more than one thing from them. :) Now I'm with a guy who is kind, generous, gentle, works hard and values me for more than…one thing. That one thing though…ooooooooooooOOOOOooooowwwweeeeeee. :)

    He said the thing that attracts him most is my smile. And I've always had that smile. :) Hopefully this PS sender will get her smile back too. :)

  • erika

    #10 wow

  • socalmarti

    #2 I don't care if this makes me judgemental, but as a mother I have no idea how this even happened, it's cruel and unfathomable!

    • Jenna

      How is this cruel? Perhaps it was before they were married or before they were financially capable. I am sure they made this choice for a reason…

    • Wisti

      Right, it's cruel to let a family who LOVES the child adopt him and raise him rather than keep an "accident" and raise a baby you're unprepared for. You think adopted children are mistreated? Statistics show that on average those kids are read TWICE as many books as the typical blood children are. They are planned and wanted entirely.

    • Wisti

      Also, I think you're a judgemental stay at home mom who has been blessed enough to be spoiled rotten and probably still throws tentrum tantrums. If you were unable to have children of your own would you adopt? That'd make you an accomplice.

      • justme

        well that escalated quickly…. sounds like Wisti has some problems of his/her own…

        • UgetArazzie

          probably adopted.

          • justme

            not nice at all. I was adopted and comments like that are very offensive. Being adopted was probably the best thing that ever happened to me.

  • http://freshandfluffyshop.com Stephanie

    #1 has been sent to the former boyfriend it just didn't work out with, posing the question, "me or you?".
    I didn't get invited to his wedding and his fiance wouldn't let him come to my wedding; even though we broke up like 5 years before either of us got engaged.

  • aciekay

    #3 I actually encountered this problem (and still encounter it now) after losing the same amount of weight. It's not that I think I'm this drop dead gorgeous, hard 10 girl. I know I'm not. But it's like ever since I lost all that weight and got the confidence I always wanted, men stopped approaching me all together — at least the ones that want more than just in my pants at the bar. Ew.

    However, what I've come to realize is that it's okay. I'm comfortable in my own skin and, one day, there will be a man that isn't I guess "intimidated" by me and goes for the kill. Someone that's willing to work for it and someone that I deserve. In the meantime, I couldn't ask for better friends or family and that's worth more than a boyfriend.

    • KCCO in YYC

      You said it girl!!! Losing weight and feeling comfortable with your body is a HUGE accomplishment and you should celebrate! Regardless of how men treat you, you worked your butt of and reached a huge goal and should be super proud of that. Don't ever let a man (or woman) take that away from you! You rock! And when the time is right, someone is going to see that and fall head over heels in love with you:)

  • Steph

    #1 What does this have to do with AT&T Park?

  • DRD

    #3 In my experience, men don't work off of looks alone. Women who are hot DO get more attention, even when they think they don't. What they don't realize is that men also see how she acts, talks, moves, & carries herself, and if they are turned off by any of those things, the guys go somewhere else.

    I've heard the whole "intimidated" thing before, and it (generally) isn't true. They walk away from the "hot chick" not because they are intimidated, but because they see something they don't like.

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