• CourtneyElise

    #4 NEED!
    #14 NEED!!!
    #15 NEED!!!!!

  • carm

    Does anyone else thing NYE is a total let down, each and every year?! It's such a tedious holiday for me.

    • Amber

      It's my birthday so I view differently than most, lol. Honestly the best birthday in my opinion, never had to go to school, work, and always have the next day off. Plus, everyone is already celebrating with me. I hope it goes better for you this year!

      • justme

        happy early birthday!!:)

        • Amber

          Thank You!

    • Mikaela

      I totally know what you mean, I don't even try to celebrate it anymore. A writer once said that you can divide people into two kinds; those who celebrate New Year's with funny hats and countdowns and those who fall into a dark hole of depression…I am part of the 2nd group. The new years never become as good as you wish them to be and if you have high hopes for New Year's it's always a let down.

  • teehee

    I want #4 so bad!!

    • Danny

      Does anyone know where this dress is from??

  • erika

    #3 LOVE

  • Darla

    #3 I really need this!

  • Ginga

    Am I the only person who lives somewhere where it reaches around 0 degrees at night and these are completely illogical ideas unless you enjoy hypothermia?

    • KNizz

      I live in Canada so I know what you're saying. Tights! And booze.

    • B.elle

      It's gonna be colder where I am… ALL of these dresses are totally not an option for me either!

    • Mikaela

      Yeah, it's -30 in northern Scandinavia..!:)

  • mel

    I wore #22 for my Christmas party:)

  • Kristy

    I love the peplum, and full skirt trend! But alas, as a curvy/high-waisted girl they both make me look like my ass is a mile wide! To the other wide hipped ladies out there, stick with form fitting dresses and highlight your best asset (legs OR boobs)

  • Candy

    #23 I'm not old fashioned by any means, but that look is way too revealing.

  • Lanolin

    Where is the stuff for us tall girls! These would be shirts on me!

  • Anastasia

    There are a lot of peplums here especially considering just a few days ago peplums were included in a worst trend gallery on this very site.

  • Rachel

    These are all lovely dresses, but are there any style ideas for ladies whose legs aren't a mile long and perfectly toned?

  • LaurenGoMeow

    #14 #15 #16 love love love

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