• kait

    #23 is cute!

  • ssoph

    #23 lovely idea! #22 i don't quite get the order of the pics (esp. the last picture on the left) but i def. copy it!:)

    • sydney

      2 people. 2 people…one is pregnant….The baby pops out….And then there were 3!

      • ssoph

        i got that one…😉 i was talking about #22!😀

        • http://essebi.tumblr.com essebi

          i think the order is left column from top to bottom, and then right column from top to bottom: paint your support in blue, lay the leaves, paint all with gold spray, remove the leaves …done!
          I will give it a try!!!

  • spitfire

    Have to do #14 for my daughter!!!

  • http://www.lanafurniture.com/ Delicia Cochrane

    Where did you got this much info on your blog from?? Also can i take the initiative to take the feeds from your blog for my own website??

  • Elsie

    #10 excited my crafty work made it. Thanks Berry

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