• socalmarti

    #12 You can do it!!!!

    • Tay

      Good for you to post this! I have a lot of faith in you!

    • NorCal420

      Im stoked for you!

    • Andrea_9

      Don't give up! Berries believe in you!

  • mel

    #19 Proof you don't have to be a celebrity to get back to post-baby body! Congrats girl!!

  • svp

    #9 wow that's hot

  • Bri

    #12 – I hope you mean 40 pounds by January 2014! You can do it, but set small, attainable goals! I am down 25 pounds in a year. At times it is a long, frustrating battle, but take it day by day and become a better you! Why not try to be down 5 pounds by January 31? Then another 5 by February 28? So you didn’t lose a pound this week?…be proud that you maintained your weight and did not put on more! You can do it!!!! We are all here supporting you!

    • hazel

      maybe she's already started, and she wants 40lbs total by January. i want to lose 30 by January and im already down 25

      • Bri

        Touché. My mistake for drawing conclusions. ((Inserting foot into mouth))

        Great job!

  • Ummi

    #19 …..

    must know moar about her. she looks incredible!!!!

  • UgetArazzie

    #12 Fingers crossed. Good luck. You go girl !!!!!

  • Bobby

    #5 A little too obsessive. Drink when you're thirsty (unless in the middle of strenuous exercise). Sitting in a chair 8 hours a day does not require 64 ounces of water!

    • http://www.facebook.com/enderfitnesslifestyle Ender

      Actually, it does require it – that's only a half gallon. Also, I think we're all assuming that we're getting an average of one good workout a day. This comment brought to you by #22, and I drink 128oz a day😉

      • Andrea_9

        I'm going to just chime in & say u really are a hmotb.:) Very nice, #22.

        • http://www.facebook.com/enderfitnesslifestyle Ender

          Thanks Andrea:-)

    • Matthew Wagner

      Definitely discard everything he said. No offense man. Drink all day. The more water your body has the better it is at every single thing it does. Cells love water

  • JessicaQ


  • kaBrona

    #19 would look even better minus the orange tan -_-

  • http://buyrightdaily.weebly.com/deal-blog.html wakanetwork

    #19 If you had a goal you can do anything!

  • Nicole

    Get that blueberry out of the pretzels #14

  • Britt

    #12 is my best friend and I know she can do it!!! Looovvvveeeeeee youuu!

  • Castiel

    I read #8 as 'transportation'.

  • McBaconator

    Pay to workout. Never understood that. Gym memberships, all the exercise clothes and gear, etc. etc. You know, there is a huge lack of manual labor in this nation right now. Not exactly cheap labor either. There are plenty of decent paying job oportunities in the machine operator (CNC,) oil, fishing, assembly line industries and more. Work smarter, not harder. It is possible to learn a trade, work your body, and get paid for doing so. Do what you will, just something to think about.

  • http://twitter.com/morosz3 @morosz3

    #20 is all liquids for the day.
    Drink 8 glasses of any liquid to stay hydrated. Water is the most beneficial. :)

    • Matthew Wagner

      99% of all of the alternatives have added shit that does nothing god for your body. Sugar being the most obvious. WATER CAN NEVER BE WRONG

  • derp

    #7 You're doing it wrong

    • Bobo

      Agree! No muscle tone at all? Not sexy to me!

  • Millie

    Or sit on your ass playing with your iPod…

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