Accessorize yourself with awesome (25 photos)

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  • ssoph

    #23 where can you get the wing and hope bracelett???

    • Marina


  • verdant_waves

    Love #14 and #15!

  • Hayley

    I really want #4 but its sold out and expensive for us over in the uk. Any idea where else we can buy one from?

  • Rachel :)

    Happy New Year my fellow berries!❤

  • @melanieamorim

    Happy New Year too you !!
    Not big on accessories … i don't think i could pull off #17, would like to try #18 (i hear you can use old sweater sleeves, DIY) and my GF makes the most amazing #24 's (100% of her profits go to village in Haiti she visits yearly)
    Love that I discovered ! ( Also KCCO:)
    See you all in 2013

  • Tomb_Raider

    #25 clutch is from h&m:)

    • Wisti

      I didn't notice the clutch beside those stunningly yellow pants…

  • Carro

    #2 Love!

  • Sarah

    #15 is cute!

  • Wedding Rings Texas

    Mixologist cocktail ring so cute

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