• _Bryan_

    #4. That needs to be in my fridge.
    #9. Awesome job.

  • Jon

    #9 FIND HER!

    -KCCO from norway

    • lily

      no go back to the chive

      • http://twitter.com/melanieamorim @melanieamorim


    • Helle

      Haha.. Im here!

  • Tina

    Welcome back… Happy new year

  • socalmarti

    #22 Hiiiiii! I would like to run in the rain with you!!!😀

  • JessieBelle

    Happy New Year, Berries!❤

    Hope all your dreams come true in 2013!😀

  • mimi

    #1 one time my friend was working out on a stationary bike and the wheel fell off and she fell and she was injured and needed crutches.

  • http://twitter.com/melanieamorim @melanieamorim

    #2 #4 cool.
    #22 yes.

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  • expressthejess

    #4 Austin is the greatest city ever!!

  • expressthejess

    Lets try this again … #22 Austin is the greatest city ever!!

  • expressthejess

    Okay I give up.

  • Not Me

    #19 Great Form

  • Eisencrest

    #22 – Oh yes. c:

  • Anonymous

    #20 a new outfit costs $100!?! My best outfit I use for interviews cost $45…my prom dress $30 because I bought it from a girl who believed a dress can only be worn once. Shallow twats.

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