• Jen D

    Oh how I missed you Berry and Daily Motivation!

  • Jojo

    #7 That's my girl:)

  • disco

    #10… Just, no. Maybe the writer didn't mean "thinspo" thinspiration, but that word is seriously problematic and not something you should want associated with these posts. They are about health, and thinspo is, well, not.

    • Ashley

      Completely agree. That word just rubs me the wrong way!

    • katastrophe89

      Maybe they don't know what "thinspo" is? If not they should now…

  • mrshelderman

    #19 tie your shoe! That's dangerous

    • katastrophe89

      That bothered me too lol

  • Marilena

    #7 is my inspiration, way to go girl!

  • Alan

    #7 is my best inspiration, amazing challenge!

  • Bubba

    #20 FTW!

  • katastrophe89

    #17 is creative

  • Steph

    #22 starting insanity tomorrow! wish me luck! All i need is the Daily Motivation and il be well on my way to being fit and healthy in the new year:) keep it up!

  • Turd Ferguson

    #22 You look the same in both photos.

    • TUY

      You totally missed his haircut.

  • Cakes

    YAY! I can't express how much I've missed this!

  • Jenna

    Well, they finally admitted this isn't "motivation," it's "thinspiration."

    • Disco

      Seriously… I've been noticing this trend lately, and I've thought that maybe they were just catering to different goals (some people want to run that half-marathon, some people want to lose 20lbs), but it's become pretty explicit in the last few posts. Daily motivation is about burning fat. And I guess that's okay – some people just aren't happy with their bodies, and sometimes it is really healthy to lose weight – but thin does not equal fit, and fat definitely does not equal unhealthy. These posts were supposed to be about fitness, and prioritizing thinness so much alienates a lot of readers and is just generally unhealthy and irresponsible. Anorexia, bulimia, and other eating disorders/disordered eating patterns are a serious problem and should not be praised on this site.

      (I apologize if this comment rambled. I am super drunk right now.)

    • breezy

      I go back and forth. #20 seems to be praising fitness rather than simply losing weight, but then #21 tells us to run hungry, which I'm confident is bad advice. Sooo I don't know.

      I have decided to give the Berry girls the benefit of the doubt and assume that they are ultimately trying to encourage fitness, health, and wellness with some thinspo crap occasionally slipping through the cracks.

  • Katja

    does anyone know where to get those? #19

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