• Jena

    Is it sad that a lot of the guys looked good as women?

    • UgetArazzie

      I don't know which ones you are referring to, but, my eyes don't see a whole lot of guys that looked good as women. No way. Time to go to Mr. Magoo the optician.

  • xoxo

    Hysterical! #11 #16 #22 are my favorites.

  • Sade

    Photoshop is so scary ._.

    #16 Hehe!
    #17 Still looked good.

  • Kait

    Nicholas Cage gets me every time. #10

  • jillymcbean

    #14….didn't even notice it was Jude Law at first. Whoops.

  • PicklesMcGee

    who the heck is #6?! That totally looks like a chick…..

    • Keith

      Tom Cruise, I think.

  • CourtneyElise

    This post made me LOL hahahah this is hilarious!!!!!!!!!

    #20 #21 #22 made me laugh the loudest!!!

  • justlilolme

    …..and these men are considered to be very attractive. what a trip to see them all of sudden ugly to the minds eyeo_O

  • testingt

    I would take a woman's studies class from #19

  • TCPd

    Besides ugly old Mick Jagger, I can't can't even guess who any of these were before the photo shopping
    Typical lazy Berry post. It's hard enough knowing who they are showing when the pictures aren't altered. I need to get better at not following links to this place.

    • Tenika

      Well, I knew almost ALL of the men AND women who were in these pictures….guess it's time for you to catch up on your celebrities.😀

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  • socalmarti

    #21 Eminem LOL!!!!

  • Dave

    #15 and #16 made me lol

  • lily

    #18 hahahah

  • Jules

    #22 I actually find Tom Hanks more attractive as a woman than as a man…not sure what that says about me….

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