• Seldi84

    #19 Love that show.
    #23 That's me every damn day

  • kelliefagan

    Berry, you make my day! So glad you are back!

  • Hollygoyle

    #30 is gorgeous. Wish I was there.

  • verdant_waves

    #28 I don't know….my cat seems to be plotting my doom by running between my feet half the time (the remaining waking hours are spent wondering when dinner is, cleaning herself and watching birds).

  • Mother Pus Bucket

    #6 – Very cute

    • TellTheTruth

      ugly as shit
      both with long or short hair.

      • mel


      • SKEEBLER

        Glad someone else said it and I just thought it but im sure i am ugly as shit in someone elses eyes and a receiding hairline so fuck me

        • xoxo

          She's not ugly at all. She needs to stop making that face though, if she smiled normally, she would be rather cute.

          • lulu

            girl don't listen to these pussies. they just dont have the heart to do what you did. YOU look great! Youre young and brave and just as pretty before/after.

          • Wisti

            definitely just the face. If she gave a toothy smile (even if her teeth aren't perfect) she'd be pretty. But that "smile" makes her look like she's trying to be a goofy annoying highschooler.

  • PicklesMcGee

    #6 your hair looks super adorable!!:-)
    #10 is awesome lol
    #18… I call bullshit.

  • kelliefagan

    Reblogged this on Kellie and commented:
    I love theberry.com, it’s possibly my favourite site and being featured on it makes for a great day!

  • Jill

    #2 So true! January is my least favorite month at the gym

    • zillyzallie

      Even December is a tad annoying with the sales guys interrupting every group class every five minutes with a tour of people considering membership.

  • Meghan

    #19 is me, lol i've never seen any of the Star Wars movies!

  • Tiff

    #38 #39 beautiful end to the morning coffee.

  • bryan

    #19 it's amazing to me how often I don't laugh at the "funny" moments posted from this show.

  • Liza

    #7 Hey from over on Victoria Street! Great job, nice to see someone from k-town make the MC. :)

  • http://twitter.com/orchidfiend @orchidfiend

    #1 is awesome!
    #6 I think it looks adorable!

  • B. Davs

    #15 I needed a good laugh today, thanks Berry

  • fal

    anyone know where #37 is?

    • Sacko

      I think #37 might be surfers paradise, gold coast, queensland, Australia. It’s the best place in the world. Correct me if I’m wrong.
      Ps can’t believe the hairy balls some ppl have to bad mouth someone who did something positive and kind. Who cares what he looks like! Ur an asshat. End of story.

    • Lily

      It's Dubai:) on the right are Jumeira Beach Residences and The Walk, on the left is the Marina

  • Jody

    #18 I want this. Can we buy one?

  • Ash

    #32 I'm just your average ThunderCats hoooooo.

  • JayMC

    I Luv you Tom

  • Anonymous

    live right by here❤ Austinite berry!

  • Missy

    Love me some Tom Hardy. Made my day!!

  • Raya Poppy

    #6 made me squeak! You rock and I adore your new hairdo :))

  • lani_berry

    #36 Be still, my beating heart… Tom Hardy, I would marry you if I weren't already married!

  • CassieWyrick

    Yay to #12! My husband just started me on Star Wars last night so #19 is me! And yum yum to #36! Love him!!!

  • Jane

    Gah #6! Love the "after" hair! Saved that pic to show my stylist whomI have an appt with next week – I want the "after" cut too!

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