• tcja4

    #12 reminds me of spumoni ice cream.

  • rcd86

    why does long hair = pretty hair?😦

    • ObscureReality

      Don't like it? Go your hair out. The fact of the matter is, not only does long hair look better on women (there is a reason women have had long hair nearly as long as humans have existed), despite all these people who think there should be no physical difference between men and women, but you can do a hell of a lot more with it. And a girl with long hair usually is never mistaken for a guy. So either stop bitching because some women still prefer long hair and not looking like 8 year old boys or grow your hair the fuck out. Simple as that.

      • Michelle

        Not everyone can grow their hair long. And apparently women for centuries, and presently, in Africa with shaved/cropped hair styles don't count as women since they don't and never have had long hair? It's not possible to do so with that type of hair.
        You need to grow up and realize there are people out there with differences to your own bubble.

    • April C

      I think it's easier for people to see it that way. Not that short hair isn't pretty, but people just don't consider it to be very feminine I guess. That's just my guess. I've had short hair and I've had long hair and I FEEL prettier with long hair. But that's just me.

  • Michelle

    Why is all pretty hair long and naturally straight (or straight with added curling)? I think this is a pretty exclusive/biased post Berry

    • knaimoli

      I love my naturally curly, crazy hair!

    • Betty

      agreed. The Berry would be wise and awesome to choose to showcase different types and lengths of hair under the post name 'pretty hair'…

      i know it's the trend now, so when long, curled hair is out, these images will be replaced with whatever is new and 'in'…but still…I sometimes come to The Berry for inspiration…but this does nothing for 98% of women…

  • misschris

    #21 Love love love! The color is amazing!

  • Ash

    #7 yes, what a lovely handful of weave.

    • socalmarti


    • jane doe

      I love that you can see a clip on. Little tacky.

  • socalmarti

    #17 I wish I could braid! I'm all thumbs when it somes to this, my braids always come out lopsided with lumps.

  • LCT

    Repeat post. But it is pretty!

  • elina

    LOVE #3 AND #9 omg!

  • verdant_waves

    I'm hoping mine is like #5 by next year. I chopped my hair off and I loved my hair short for about a year, but now I want my long hair back.😦

  • Katie

    Well I was going to get my hair cut… now i dont know

  • Sade

    #26 Tutorial would be nice😛

    • PicklesMcGee

      looks like a sock bun to me… there are tons of tutorials online/on youtube, just google "sock bun":-)

  • Lai

    Short hair is beautiful too!! Also, hair like #22 is so ugly. It looks like you're growing out a bad dye job.

  • PicklesMcGee

    I dont understand why every time long haired posts go up there's a group of people that feel the need to whine about the fact that "shot hair is beautiful toooooo". I dont think this posts means The Berry is saying short hair ISN'T beautiful. Jeeeeez.

    Either way, I love #17:-)

    • katastrophe89

      I agree. It's like, calm the hell down.

  • Ashwee

    *Sigh* Whelp. Nothing for me here….I'm afraid I'm black…sooooo……….:/

    • simona

      Dude, that's exactly what I was thinking! Though I'm not Black, I was still struck by how narrow this post's view of pretty hair is.

  • MrsBuck

    Ok…you've convinced me…I've been debating about coloring my hair blue again but now I'm gonna do it:)
    These were some beautiful colors!!

  • http://twitter.com/HeyHeyItzRay @HeyHeyItzRay

    geez, bitter Betties about the long hair…

  • Not Me

    #21 as a proud bald guy how can I not love this post?

  • katastrophe89

    I've been wanting to dye my hair a crazy color for a while. #3 and #9 are closest to what I want:)

    • PicklesMcGee

      I looove #3. If I had the balls, I'd totally go purple:-)

  • dreagee

    this post made me miss my long hair😦

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