• donna

    #14 got me!!

    • ana

      I dont see anything😦

      • _Bryan_

        Just wait, it will appear. Takes a few seconds.

    • sparkleamato

      got me too!! As soon as I started to scroll again. . So creepy!!

    • ssoph

      it scared the hell out of me!!!

  • Sonia

    What's in #12?

    • http://twitter.com/Izzie_x @Izzie_x


      • trish

        It is Waldo. Dang that took me long enough : )

    • Kirsti

      Yeah, can't quite see it??

      • JessieBelle

        Kitty wedged WAY back behind the two soda machines!

    • Lovely

      Or the giant snake inside the soda machine…

  • Megs

    #15 Showed this to my bf. "Those are rubber… oh, there's a cat in it! Delightful"

    • doerteee

      I like your boyfriend.

  • Natalia

    Whats going on in #1? The man in the batman suit?

    • Meve

      I don't see anything special either….

  • inkstained

    #10 Teehee

  • Alex

    Whats with #6?

    • Jen


    • Aurora01

      The posters spell S-E-X.

    • Sam

      Sex. Spelled out

  • jessica

    #4 ahhhh!

    • karen

      I looked at that one for ages and then went 'holy ****' lol!

  • cara

    #3 is a little creepy…

    • MontanaGirl76

      I agree very creepy gave me the chills.

  • http://twitter.com/melanieamorim @melanieamorim

    Bettlejuice, bettlejuice, bettle…

  • Angina

    #9 I want those bastards to be mauled so hard.

    • Jacob

      I know its sad, but states have to allow controlled hunting for short periods throughout the year to keep the (insert animal here) population under control. Otherwise the (insert animals here) would have a hard time finding food and/ or be stricken with disease due to overpopulation.

      • mrshelderman

        I loved reading this nicely worded fact. And as a person who has had a black bear walk through her front yard where her dogs usually are, I'm ok with regulated population control.

        • Fuck Hunters

          Well seeing as more humans and animals are hurt and killed by other humans, maybe people should regulate human population instead of saying it's okay to murder animals.

          • Angry goose

            So you're down with all those shootings..like the school..or the theater..thats some people population control for you. Or those gas chambers for the Jews. or the current genocide in African countries? yea..you're rooting for people regulation.

          • mrshelderman

            Unless you are a vegan, you cannot have this standpoint. My husband kills one deer a year that we eat every part of. Animals are farmed everyday for you to eat. Which is better. I bet you think taking the guns away from good law-abiding citizens is going to help too. I hate how overpopulated the world is. I hate that criminals have assault rifles. But that doesn't fix the problem. And the only thing outlawing hunting would do at this point is make more road kill. Sad but true.

      • blame it on the dog

        Yeah, well,..still rooting for the bear

  • lani_berry

    #14 Startled the living shit out of me. Lmfao.

    • MontanaGirl76

      I must be slow but I don't see it

    • kslawka

      I screamed out loud and then I laughed out loud:)

  • Megan

    #4 Jesus slenderman ! He scared me !

  • Emily

    #6 MUST have done that on purpose lol.

  • JenPen

    #1 What?!!


    That bear pic is DISGUSTING and SHAME ON YOU FOR POSTING IT!! Will not be checking out this site ever again!!!!

    • socket2me

      see ya

    • WisGal_KCCO

      Calm down, hippie.

    • Chill Out

      whoooooooa there. Not like it's a big gory mess. No body found the dead bear funny (or at least I didn't), they liked the kick ass revenge filled bear in the background- spoken from a vegetarian 10years going

  • Kal

    #9 How about you don't post pictures of dead animals? Pretty sure no one wants to see that…

  • Dingbat

    The bear is not dead, Its just really relaxed after a full body massage and some aromatherapy treatment

  • JTizle

    Can someone explain #14?

  • WtfUThinking

    #9 Why the fuck would you post this?!?!

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