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    I'm lost i have no idea who this guy even is

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  • heatherrr

    I remember when he afternoon eye candy guys used to be hot.

  • jjjjjjjjjjjj

    So…. Ugly people are hot now?

  • mrshelderman

    Is he in Hatfield and McCoy?

    • M.

      He is! He played Cap Hatfield, the son who had his eye shot out.

      Speaking of Hatfields & McCoys..can we get an eye candy post of Matt Barr?!

  • Who he be?

    I'm a tinsy confused. Why some pics he look mmmkay and others no? Sad now.

  • Ana

    So we have to love women of all shapes, sizes no matter what they look like or whatever… but this guy is ok to hate on? OK GOT IT! Glad to see we're all equal.

    • heatherrr

      Hey. It says eye candy. Some of us don't find him delicious. Can't help it. No one has to think anyone is hot. Its personal preferrance.

  • baylee

    i guess i'm in the minority, but i think he is ridiculously hot! probably one of the hottest AEC i've seen in a while.

  • Sarah

    I thought he was hot too. People are way mean today… yeesh.

  • Mike

    Says a lot that he's the model and the ones calling him ugly aren't.

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  • rocklesson86

    I am not normally into blondes, but he is something else.

  • Regenia99

    I'm with rocklesson86. Wow.

  • Elle_Em

    He's a smokeshow!! Love!

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