• hannahb

    Can someone puhhlease tell me who number 18 is?
    I've seen him a few times before on theBerry, but I've yet to find out.
    Thanks loves!

  • Pauls

    #21 well hey there baybeh😉

    • Tyno

      he is Mateus Verdelho, you're welcome

  • Sammie

    My god…. I love me a tattooed man!

  • katastrophe89

    *sigh* tattoos are SO sexy. #3 is my favorite:)

  • MaraRue

    #24….. WTH how did SC's brattiest lil punk ass Ryan Scheckler make it? Grrr I wanna run him over everyday I see him

    • erika

      He looks like he is on crack wth! Nasty

      • MaraRue

        in real life, hes short, skinny and he drives 2 ridiculous cars, and he buys vibrating c**k rings weekly. Gosh i LOATHE him! San Clemente, his and my home town(tho he's as old as my LITTLE sister, 24) is a wonderful place, but lately, its a rat race for who is the most douchey. He's in 1st. there's a few Bar Rats in 2nd…. he stolls around like he's Ghandi!

        He skateboards for gods sake…. flips a board in multiple directions. Tony Hawk did it. Get a job brat

        lol Raaaaaaaaaant

  • anothergirl

    #1 RIP MITCH

    • Toni

      Just read about his life …..and death. So very sad.

  • Jodi

    #8 and #9 swooooooon!

  • roxi

    DAT ASS #26

  • 2rachelH

    #24 moar Sheckler!!!!!

  • Sonia

    Did anyone else stare at #4's nice ass for forever?

    • Kristen


    • bloomfever2002

      oh ya. for like ever!! WOW

  • samantha

    #26 yuummaayyy ^_^

  • Ci.A

    #7 moar

  • ash

    Thank yooou

  • Taco

    #18 Why hello there.
    #19 Why hello there also.

  • Sophie

    Just need to know… HOW did David Beckham NOT make it multiple times into this?! Haha!

    • Alma

      I agree!!

    • rocklesson86

      You are so right.

  • Laura loo

    How about #14! There's nothing hotter than a tattoo having dog tag wearing army man!!!! Now this is a night cap

    • SCiD

      Sorry ladies, this one's ours….:)
      Gay porn star Derek Parker

      • SCiD

        …but we'll share

        • Laura loo

          Nooooooo. Well lucky you:)

      • Pam

        No not fair!!!!

  • Heather

    Oh yum!!!! #2

  • http://twitter.com/Megsabelle @Megsabelle

    #9 #18 MOAR!

  • bb504

    Sweet baby jesus. Just made this night shift not so bad!

  • socalmarti

    #12 The guy that you know you shouldn't because he'll absolutely shatter your heart and self-esteem, but you do it anyways,because well he's such a sexy bad boy!

    • jane doe

      Neck tattoos are my weak spot. mmmmmmmm

  • Nuna BizNess

    Shallow women. Hipster men. I can smell the stench of 'look at me' from here. And one day, regret. Regret for being so shallow.

    • Jes


    • MHar

      Get a life. If you don't like tats, why look at the post and comment?

  • baylee

    loving this post! and #22- daaaaamn. yes, please! i seriously swoon.

    • CJs

      Mateus Verdelho😀

  • MontanaGirl76

    Johnny Knoxville is such an ass but I still think he's adorable!

  • itsashlib

    seriously obsessed with this post. thank you, berry girls!

  • Tattooed_Belle2

    now THIS is a post for me….

    #4 #8 #11 and #22



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