• Jana

    #31 yayyyy!!!

  • Sonia

    #31 you're a cute couple! And I'm happy the Berry posted a non-traditional couple.:-)

  • alisynrenae

    I am the lady in 11. That boy may have been the best thing that ever happened to me, and then just two months after that picture was submitted he broke my heart.

    • Surfaz

      If he broke your heart than he wasn't the best thing that happened to you and you are better off. Hang in there!

      • abby

        That's right. The best is yet to come.

  • Wisti

    #30 is so pretty a.a

  • Belle

    #14 yay Disney Love

  • TwinCitiesGirl

    Thank you for posting #31 Berry

  • LMM

    #31 makes me love this site. It's hard to find examples of our love on the internet. Typing in "lesbians" on google doesn't give the same results😛

  • Leigh

    #25 Now if only today's generations would understand the same!

    Too much hate in this world we need more Love!~

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