• Belyse

    Half of these are mug shots….

    • Not Me

      Says something about their decision making ability #14

      • katastrophe89

        Yeah that guy is ON ONE in this pic lol

    • madamecursorla

      I was just going to mention that!

  • spiriti

    I see your face tatoos and I give you Vladimir Franz a president candidate in Czech republic.

  • mrshelderman

    Please warn me you are showing people with weird horn implants. That literally makes me sick to my stomach!!

  • kirah

    i have a question, don't these tattoo artists who do these things have like an obligation to tell the customer enough is enough?? like a bartender would with a drunk patron? i mean come one these are just ridiculous! try getting a job with that crap on your face.
    oh and #8 , even your baby is like WTFmom?!?

    • Liz Lemon

      Judging by the quality of the work on most of these people, I would have to guess that they weren't done by professionals. Most look like they were done by homemade guns… save two or so of them which were done on tattoo artists themselves. I've seen two of these guys before at tattoo conventions… not that it makes it any less odd to get a tat on your face.

      • kirah

        lol even so, there must be someone sober enough around to say "that is a bad idea!" but then again maybe not. lol

    • xoxo

      This one looks like tattoo by Sharpie.

    • Edwin

      Most professional tattoo artist I know wont do faces, and only do necks if the person is already pretty covered.

      They generally try to talk people out of "bad" tattoos no matter where they are, but at the end of the day they have mortgages and bills like everyone else.

    • http://www.moogit.org Moogit

      #8 #14 and probably #18 are crusty punks. They live differently than the norm and they seem to like it. Not sure why the like tattoos on the face and ears are big for them but they seem to be. Go to a Leftover Crack show and you will see a lot of them.

      • guest

        The woman with the baby is actually very pretty. I wonder what motivates a person to get a face tattoo.

    • 5eagles

      Face tattoos should at least come with a mandatory castration or Oophorectomy…

      That poor kid.

    • carol

      Look at the look on that baby's face – it must be thinking OMG what is my life going to be like?. I'm in trouble.

  • Coffee&Tea

    #18 Has a very nice lamp behind him… not really sure what else to say!

    • Ashley

      Hmm, yeah, I guess that is a "him"! Hard to tell with that inked up face…

  • katastrophe89

    Hmm…I'm trying to figure out why #8 would get that. It has to be significant somehow…

    • mrshelderman

      She was significantly drugged up at the moment!

    • Susan

      Probably an ex squat punk.

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  • notfornothing1

    i actually had to stop eating my lunch until i was done looking at these pictures… made me feel a little sick to my stomach

  • Anastasia

    I hope these are fake. If they're not then I hope they paid a high price.

  • _Alisha_

    Yikes…. that is all

    • socket2me

      fine pic Alisha, in related news, what is wrong with these people ! haha

  • CassieWyrick

    Wow, so many bad tattoos. . . but for some reason #5 and #8 stood out to me as worse than the rest.

    • youwannaknow

      What happens if you stop liking Drake? What does your significant other think about you having the name of another man (famous or not) on your face? That's why you don't do it (aside from it being stupid and ugly).

      • guest

        maybe she attended Drake University

    • andreasnothere

      Because those two were women?

    • TANYA B


  • diana

    I feel like #6 did this to fit in with the "cool group"

    • G24

      Actually, this guy is an arsonist with indirect connections to PETA. PETA supports the group he's with. PETA also kills 98% of all animals taken in. They also support domestic terrorism. I read the story a while ago.

      • G24

        The guy in the pic is Walter Bond. Not that anyone cares.

  • Sabine

    LMAO #8 the baby's like "WTF mom, I just got here and already this is what I've got to deal with?!"

  • Natalia

    I'm from Florida and actually miss the 93 Rock station… #11 no good rock stations anymore😦

  • foo


    • Mika

      And the eyebrows too. One's gotta ask:"Why?'

  • Sheila

    Aw… #10 was actually pretty cute… Too bad for those tattoos though… That's a shame!

    • d0reel

      Nothing some black sharpie could fix ;P you're right though. If he had normal brows and that godawful ink removed, I'd hit it

      • Kimberly

        Except that picture is also a mugshot, I know girls are supposed to like bad boys but that has never been my thing.

        • youwannaknow

          He's not a bad boy. He was wrongfully convicted. Can't you read?😉

          • socket2me

            all the convicts think he's cute too, from the back :p

    • Excuses101

      Haha had to check this out friend was tellin me its weird when she told me I actually grew up with this kid haha grade school n up lmfao

  • Megan

    I hope someone tells #6 that tattoo ink is made out of charred animal bones haha vegan !

  • nic

    #2 looks like a guy I have a crush on, therefore, me likey

  • Lynne

    Face tattoos, when seen from a long distance away, are forewarnings to 'leave me alone'. Thank you for forewarning me.

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  • Kimbery Mcfarland

    These are pretty good points when it comes to motivation; I’ve found for myself that to be drawn towards something is often a lot better than to be be motivated away from something. Going towards something we want rather than away from what we don’t. Probably has something to do with what we’re focusing on and creating in reality. Thanks a lot for the post, it got me thinking:)

  • Anomanom

    #10 Probably did it. I'm guessing rape.

    As for the rest of you, congratulations on your achievement of never having a job that pays more than minimum wage.

    • Andreasnothere

      Teddy Boy makes pretty good money as a hairdresser. He has a lot more face tattoos now too.

  • youwannaknow

    #8 "Oh my god, that's my mom? The one with the weird tattoo on her face?! No!!!!!"

    • dollface

      exactly that poor kid is just thinking fuck my life is going to be hard!!!

  • Puddin


  • Canadastani

    How are there at least 20 people that stupid?

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