• ThigWife

    There are some old photos on here..like #11 Plus, I am not a fan of fur regardless if it is fake or real

  • Puddin

    Fur makes them ALL ugly!

  • Anastasia

    #3 Do those boots go all the way to her vagina?! #21 has forgotten everything but her faux fur. Distressing.

  • Rachel

    If Kim Kardashian is on this list, it's definitely NOT faux fur. As an animal right activist, I think it's disgusting to wear fur.

  • CassieWyrick

    It just doesn't look good.

  • Krystyn

    FYI.. A large amount of so-called "faux fur" is dog from China. Please don't promote faux fur.

  • Katie

    i love faux fur. I dont mind wearing dog. You all are meanies.

  • Kool Al

    Faux fur but real leather …

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