• PicklesMcGee

    oh man #5 looks sooo cozy.

  • Hazel

    #10 Worst nightmare – I have a terrible aversion to anything stainless steal (including kitchen appliances and that great big bath tub). I think I would have a seizure if I walked into a bathroom and saw that tub!

  • Ginger

    #16 Now that's my idea of camping!

  • mel

    #12 dat view!!

  • xoxo

    #4 #12 #15 #17 I would love to have. #9 I feel like I would fall in

  • nicki

    #18–I LOVE IT! I soooo want that tub.

  • Mary

    #5-dream bathroom. Question for my fellow Berries—is there anyone else out there that is obsessed with how bathrooms in hotels look? First thing I look at when I go to a new one—make sure it's clean.

  • http://kasfitness.blogspot.com/ Kasondra

    Maybe I'm picky…but why do so many of these people have big ass windows in the place where they're naked and where they use the toilet??

    • dkellyb

      Exactly… I wouldn't set foot in that for any other purpose than just look around… With all my clothes on.

  • Tiff

    #2 #3 #4 #15 Love these!!

  • tangeria

    #15 and #16 be still my heart…. i am in love!

  • Hella_Aloha

    wondering who's gonna be watching me take a bath with that random chair in #20 lol

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